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e-Safety Advice for Parents

The Internet can help us all in a great many ways, but it is important to understand some of the risks that can exist if the Internet is not used properly. You can find out more about this, sometimes complicated, issue on this page.

E-Safety Links

Think U Know Parents' Pages

MCS Online Safety Policy

Letter to Parents

Technology: A Parents' Guide


Safety Tips

The best parental controls are being present in the room yourself and using any Internet-connected devices alongside your child.

Teaching Pupils about e-safety at Mount Charles School

Across the school, pupils are taught how to use computers and the Internet safety. The plan of how this is taught can be accessed here.

Hector's WorldPupils in Key Stage 1 are introduced to e-safety through the series of Hector's World cartoons. You can watch these 6 videos here.

These cartoons are designed to teach the pupils in a fun way how to stay safe when using computers and connecting to the Internet.

You may like to watch these cartoons with your child and talk about the issues in them.

Kara, Winston & The SMART CrewIn Key Stage 2 at school we follow the adventures of Kara, Winston and the SMART crew to teach the pupils about online safety. You can watch these videos here.

The messages in the videos reinforce the points above in a child friendly way and teach the children how to use resources online in a safe and enjoyable way. Again, you may enjoy watching these short videos together with your children and discuss the issues raised in them.

How good is your knowledge on e-safety? Try this quiz from CBBC.


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