Approaches to Reading and Phonics


Across the school, from Early Years Foundation Stage, we teach systematic synthetic phonics, using the Read Write Inc scheme. Phonics is taught daily across the school, with children grouped according to ability from Year 1 onwards.

Phonics sessions are pacey with both reading and writing of the sounds included. As the children progress through the scheme, reading books from the Read Write Inc programme are read.

We acknowledge that phonics does not suit all children and, where necessary, other methods are used.

When children are assessed at operating at a particular level, they move onto 'Get Spelling' books from the same scheme. The children's phonics knowledge is used in these books, this time with a focus on spelling patterns. The children continue to be grouped according to ability.


We have a variety of reading books for the children to read, taken from various schemes in order for children to read a wide range of texts. All books are banded in levels. Children have books available to them in their classrooms in Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.

In Key Stage 2 children get their books from the library. Here, books are banded in the same way as lower in the school. The children have to complete our colour coded scheme in order to become a 'free reader'.

Struggling readers are identified early and placed on intervention programmes beginning in Year 1 (such as Better Reading Partnerships, Reading Recovery, Project X Code).

We encourage reading at home with different reading challenges throughout the year.

Every class in the school has a timetabled library time each week. These sessions are to encourage the enjoyment of reading. Throughout the school paired reading occurs with Key Stage 2 classes pairing up with Key Stage 1 classes. In these sessions children read with each other - again to promote the enjoyment of reading.

Within literacy sessions, classes will share texts together and the teacher will model good reading. From when children are ready in Early Years Foundation Stage, there will be sessions of guided reading each week.