Year 4 Magic Box Style Poetry

Year 4 have been learning and performing poems to Year 1.  They have also written their own poems in the style of Kit Wright’s ‘The Magic Box’.

Please enjoy reading a selection of the poems from 4LR, written by Amelia, Lily, Naomi and Treeve.

160121 Poem-Amelia 160121 Poem-Lily 160121 Poem-Naomi 160121 Poem-TreeveWell done to these four fantastic poets.

4 thoughts on “Year 4 Magic Box Style Poetry

  1. We are in a school in Australia (Perth) and we have just written our own poems based on The Magic Box. We really enjoyed reading your poems and we had lots of similar ideas! Thank you for sharing!
    Room 1
    Wembley Primary School
    PS Joeys are baby kangaroos from Australia!

    • Dear Wembley School,

      Thank you ever so much for your comment. We were thrilled to hear that our work has been enjoyed on the other side of the world!

      Class 5N (we were 4LR last year!)

  2. What a fantastic selection of writing. I really like the way that Naomi has illustrated her work.

    Well done to all of the children.

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