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Tag Rugby v. Biscovey (Home)


On Monday 21st September, our A and B Tag Rugby teams played friendly matches against Biscovey.  21 children from our school took part and the standard of play was very good with lots of tries being scored.  Well done to those who took part and to the parents and grandparents who came along to support.  Thanks also to Mr. Rees, who is our new Year 4 Teacher, for helping with the refereeing.

Mount Charles A v. Biscovey A                     won 9-6

Mount Charles B v. Biscovey A                      lost 5-10

Mount Charles A v. Biscovey B                      lost 9-7

Mount Charles B v. Biscovey B                      lost 5-8

A Team: Amelia, Izzy, Lilly, Harvey (capt.), Kiaren, Oscar, Joseph, Brynn, Harrison, Ethen.

B Team: Caitlin, Lizzy, Gracie, George (capt.), Zak, Ollie E., Ollie R., Ross Kieran, Jude, Joe c.


Mr. B.

Teacher i/c Rugby


House Cross-Country Results!

A super turnout from the Juniors on a beautiful day for running.  Every runner who came out to take part can be proud of themselves and it was amazing to see the resilience from some of the children to complete the course and challenge themselves to keep going.  The top 5 runners in each race are listed below with their house colour and the house-points that will be added onto the weekly totals for them.

Thank you to all the runners who gave up their lunchtime to run, the adults who came out to help marshall and record results but also to the Year 6 children that helped to set-up and organise the event with us.


Year 6 Year 5 Year 4 Year 3
Name House Name House Name House Name House
1ST Harvey Y 10 George B 10 Charlie R 10 Stanley R 10
2ND Joseph R 9 Jude Y 9 Harry B 9 Ethan Y 9
3RD Isaac B 8 Jake Y 8 Kieran R 8 Ethan R 8
4TH Kieran R 7 Ollie B 7 Finlay B 7 Phinn Y 7
5TH Reuben R 6 Kieran G 6 James Y 6 Harry G 6


Year 6 Year 5 Year 4 Year 3
Name House Name House Name House Name House
1ST Charmaine G 10 Chloe B 10 Ella G 10 Abbie G 10
2ND Shannon R 9 Jess G 9 Poppy G 9 Ellie B 9
3RD Aimee Y 8 Lizzy B 8 Keeley B 8 Alesha G 8
4TH Lydia Y 7 Lilyah Y 7 Mea R 7 Lily Y 7
5TH Sarah G 6 Sarah G 6 Holly Y 6 Kimberley G 6


Year 6 Yellow
Year 5 Blue
Year 4 Red
Year 3 Green

Year group winners are as follows;




Yellow 125
Green 109
Blue 99
Red 92

The overall winners are as follows and as you can see it was very close between first and second place and even the fourth place house were not many points behind.




Mr. W. and Mr. B.



Notice of Forthcoming Swimming Galas for Parents:


Friday 6th November at Polkyth 2:50 pm start therefore it would be wise to leave school a little earlier than normal so that we can get started asap.

Monday 16th November Yr 5 & 6 v Truro Prep. at Truro School 4pm start – parents cars would be appreciated to transport 16 pupils.

Thursday 26th November Yr 3 & 4 v Truro Prep at Truro Prep 3:45 pm start – parents cars would be appreciated to transport up to 16 pupils.


On Thursday 8th October, the A team netball squad went up to Poltair to play their very first tournament. This was also the first time they had played as a team this year and for some people it was the first time they had played in a match at all!

The A team netball squad consisted of Harvey (Captain), Isaac, George, Abigail, Amelia, Aimee and Jodie.

First of all, we played against Charlestown School. We got off to a strong start with Harvey scoring the first goal, meaning that we took the lead. Both teams were defending extremely well but unfortunately, Charlestown scored at the end of the second half. Therefore, ending the game as a draw, 1-1.

Next, we played Bishop Bronescombe, again we got off to a strong start with Harvey scoring one goal and Isaac scoring another. We managed to keep that lead throughout with BB school scoring one goal at the last minute, leaving the score as 2-1 to us.

In our third match, we played Pondhu, we got off to a tough start with Pondhu scoring three goals. We managed to pull it back slightly in the second half with George scoring one goal. However, Pondhu kept their lead and scored two more goals. The score ended on 5-1 to Pondu.

Next, we played St. Mewan, again we got off to a strong start with Harvey and Isaac both scoring a goal. However, St. Mewan managed to pull back the lead by scoring three goals. The game ended with a score of 3-2 to St. Mewan.

Finally, we played Carclaze, we got off to a great start and ended the first half on 2-1 to us with Harvey scoring both goals. Unfortunately, in the second half Carclaze managed to score another goal, ending the game on a 2 all draw.

Sadly, this meant that Mount Charles did not qualify for the next round of the tournament. However, we are really pleased at coming 4th out of 6 schools. The whole team played extremely well and kept smiling the whole time!!

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