Sports Club Survey



Many thanks to those parents who returned the survey; we will use the information to look into the feasibility of providing new sports clubs/opportunities throughout the remainder of this year and into the next school year.

Number of parental replies : 39


Fifteen different sports were put forward as potential clubs by Infant parents, however the most requests were for:

  1. Dance and gymnastics (equal)
  2. Badminton and swimming (equal)

Twenty different sports were put forward by Junior parents as potential club activities:

  1. Tennis and dance (equal)
  2. Gymnastics
  3. Basketball and Yoga (equal)

Several parents of children in 7R wanted money to be used to provide adult support for children with additional needs to take part in extra-curricular clubs.


School Council results:

Infants asked for eleven different sports.

Juniors asked for thirty three different sports and the top three were:

  1. Hockey
  2. Tennis
  3. Gymnastics and Badminton (equal)


It was clear that more club activities could be provided for the Infants and a free Gymnastics Club paid for by PE Premium money was set up on Tuesdays after school. During the Summer term Plymouth Argyle will be taking an Infant football club after school as well as providing coaching during school lesson time. In September a free Infant dance club ran after school through to Christmas. It is very encouraging that the Mid Cornwall Sports Network are running more sporting opportunities/festivals especially for Infants e.g football, cross country, hockey, athletics and gymnastics.

The juniors already have a wide range of clubs to choose from but with girl’s football an ever growing sport, the school is now paying (PE Premium money) for an after school club on Wednesdays. We have applied for a place in the Chance to Shine scheme, which provides after school cricket, throughout the summer term as well as cricket coaching during school time in the summer term. We are planning to continue with Try Golf coaching for both Infants and Juniors throughout the summer and possibly autumn term. The juniors also benefit from entry into the Cornwall School Games competitions and PE Premium money is set aside to pay for transport and supply cover in order to attend; Try golf, Tag rugby, hockey, tennis, Indoor athletics, swimming, cricket, bowls, basketball, Aquathlon, quad kids to name some of the sports we enter. We also pay for entry into other local football/netball/cricket/athletics league/cup competitions as well as county cup competitions. Activity levels amongst our children appear very positive after conducting a club/school team survey, however we are always looking to improve.

Setting up new clubs/activities can be hampered by indoor hall availability, which is always an issue especially when we encounter bad weather and clubs cannot use the largest playground after school, as it is used as a car park due to limited parking space. Despite these problems we will endeavour to look for new club opportunities throughout the rest of this year and into the next school year in September.

Many thanks

Mr.B   P.E. Co-ordinator

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