Sports News: 23 January 2017



Home against Sandy Hill 10.01.17

A team – George, Rodrigo, Aleeah, Jasmine (C), Lilyah, Lizzy and Gracie

A team started extremely well with goals from George and Rodrigo. However, Sandy Hill managed to match our score by also scoring 4 goals. Both of the teams were very closely matched and the second quarter remained goalless. In third quarter, we had a few attempts to shoot and Lilyah scored one. However, Sandy Hill had a very strong shooter and they soon took the lead. Rodrigo managed to score two more goals in the final quarter, but Sandy hill managed to match this and also scored two goals. This meant that again we couldn’t quite catch up with Sandy Hill’s A team. The final score was 7 – 11 to Sandy Hill. Player of the match goes to Rodrigo.


B team – Jess (C), Dexter, Tineasha, Eva, Rivers, Kacey, Kelsey and Maddy.

The B team started the game well with superb team work and two goals from Jess. Sandy Hill managed to score one, so we were in the lead as we went into the second quarter. However, Sandy hill managed to score two goals in the second quarter putting them slightly in the lead. The third quarter remained goalless, meaning that we had a tense final quarter ahead of us. Jess easily managed to score a goal within minutes. Unfortunately, Sandy Hill managed to score two goals just before the final whistle. It was a very close match and Sandy Hill just managed to win with a score of 5 – 3. Player of the match goes to Jess.




On Monday 9th January, thirty one pupils from Yr 3 & 4 travelled to Newquay Academy (a school twice our size) to play six matches of Tag rugby. Our A team drew with their A team and beat their B team with our B’s and C’s losing both their two games, however all our teams deserve praise for their attitude and team spirit. It was great to see so many of our year 3’s and 4’s playing a competitive match for the very first time. Many thanks to Mrs.Gray and Mr.Rees for their help with supervision on the night. A team player of the match Ethan Trudgeon.

A team  

Max, Sophie, Stan , Ethan(capt), Corey , Tobi , Jake, Abi , Ellie ,Tyler


B team  & C team

Phoebe, Merryn, Lily, Lola, Sam, Sam, Ethan, Toby, Harry, Alfie, Rhys, Courtney, Henry, Jai, Luke Isaac, Dylan, William, Jayden, Isabelle, Angus


Mr.B   P.E. Co-ordinator

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