Sports Club Survey



Many thanks to those parents who returned the survey; we will use the information to look into the feasibility of providing new sports clubs/opportunities throughout the remainder of this year and into the next school year.

Number of parental replies : 39


Fifteen different sports were put forward as potential clubs by Infant parents, however the most requests were for:

  1. Dance and gymnastics (equal)
  2. Badminton and swimming (equal)

Twenty different sports were put forward by Junior parents as potential club activities:

  1. Tennis and dance (equal)
  2. Gymnastics
  3. Basketball and Yoga (equal)

Several parents of children in 7R wanted money to be used to provide adult support for children with additional needs to take part in extra-curricular clubs.


School Council results:

Infants asked for eleven different sports.

Juniors asked for thirty three different sports and the top three were:

  1. Hockey
  2. Tennis
  3. Gymnastics and Badminton (equal)


It was clear that more club activities could be provided for the Infants and a free Gymnastics Club paid for by PE Premium money was set up on Tuesdays after school. During the Summer term Plymouth Argyle will be taking an Infant football club after school as well as providing coaching during school lesson time. In September a free Infant dance club ran after school through to Christmas. It is very encouraging that the Mid Cornwall Sports Network are running more sporting opportunities/festivals especially for Infants e.g football, cross country, hockey, athletics and gymnastics.

The juniors already have a wide range of clubs to choose from but with girl’s football an ever growing sport, the school is now paying (PE Premium money) for an after school club on Wednesdays. We have applied for a place in the Chance to Shine scheme, which provides after school cricket, throughout the summer term as well as cricket coaching during school time in the summer term. We are planning to continue with Try Golf coaching for both Infants and Juniors throughout the summer and possibly autumn term. The juniors also benefit from entry into the Cornwall School Games competitions and PE Premium money is set aside to pay for transport and supply cover in order to attend; Try golf, Tag rugby, hockey, tennis, Indoor athletics, swimming, cricket, bowls, basketball, Aquathlon, quad kids to name some of the sports we enter. We also pay for entry into other local football/netball/cricket/athletics league/cup competitions as well as county cup competitions. Activity levels amongst our children appear very positive after conducting a club/school team survey, however we are always looking to improve.

Setting up new clubs/activities can be hampered by indoor hall availability, which is always an issue especially when we encounter bad weather and clubs cannot use the largest playground after school, as it is used as a car park due to limited parking space. Despite these problems we will endeavour to look for new club opportunities throughout the rest of this year and into the next school year in September.

Many thanks

Mr.B   P.E. Co-ordinator

Sports News: 27th March 2017

Netball home against Biscovey 20th March


A team – Lilyah (C), Rodrigo, George, Lizzy, Aleeah, Libby and Jasmine

The whole of the A team got off to a great start and George managed to score 3 goals. Biscovey fought back well and were able to score 2 goals. The whole team also managed to defend extremely well in the second quarter and neither teams could quite get the ball into the net. Again, it was a close third quarter with Lizzy scoring 2 goals and Biscovey matching this and also scoring 2 goals. It was tense final quarter with the score as 5 – 4 to us. Lilyah and Rodrigo soon managed to secure our lead with 4 goals. Biscovey also managed to score a couple more, this left the final score 9 – 6 to us. It was a well-deserved win! Player of the match goes to Jasmine.

B team – Ella (C), Maddy, Kyle, Denis, Jess, Eva, Charlie and Mea

The B started well and clicked instantly, allowing Jess to score a goal early on. The team were defending really well and weren’t giving Biscovey many chances to try and shoot. Despite all their efforts, the second and third quarter remained goalless. In the final quarter, just before the whistle, Charlie managed to score a fantastic goal! Again, it was a well-deserved win of 2 – 0 to us. Player of the match goes to Charlie.


Mr. B. has arranged for Plymouth Argyle to run an Infant Football Club (Yr1 &2) after Easter on Mondays after school (3 – 4 pm) for the whole of the Summer Term (letters going out to parents this week).


Mr. B. has just received a new order of Football/rugby emboidered school socks at the cost price of £5.


Cross Country: Year 6 girls team winners in the St Austell district

The last meet at Par was as competitive as all the rest; and with Year 6 girls narrowly in 1st place after the first 4 rounds, a strong team effort was needed.  It turned into the best performance of the season with Chloe coming in 4th, Ruby in 9th, Jess in 13th and Lizzy in 18th.  With Lilyah and Caitlin also running throughout the season they have been a great team supporting each other and thoroughly deserve their victory.

Meanwhile the Year 5 girls missed out on third place by a whisker, with key runners ill for the last meet. Throughout the season Ella has been in the top ten, Ellie(Year 4) has also broken into the top ten and Abbie(Y4) has been a great competitor.  Well done to all of those who have persevered through wind, rain and mud.  It is the taking part that counts!  Year 6 girls: Chloe, Jess, Ruby, Lizzy, Lilyah, Caitlin.  Year 6 boys: Harvey, Rodrigo, Dexter, Kevin.  Year 5 girls: Ella, Ellie(Y4), Abbie, Keeley, Becky, Iesha,   Year 5 boys: Charlie, Finley, William, Kieran, Tobi(Y4), Ethan(Y4), Jake(Y4)


Mid Cornwall Finals

11 of our best runners then went to Newquay for the Mid Cornwall finals. With a much higher standard there were mixed fortunes.  Everyone gave the tricky course a fantastic go and with up to 60 children in each race trying to get a top 15 spot, and thus qualify for the Cornwall finals, it was going to be tough.  However, 3 of our athletes made it through with great results.  In the Year 4 girls Ellie, who front ran it for most of the way, was narrowly beaten into 4th place.  In the Year 6 girls Chloe came in a very credit worthy 9th; meanwhile Jess set out quickly, and held on tenaciously to come in 15th and grab the last spot for the County finals.

Year 4 Boys Team: Ethan, Tobi, Jake, Max(Y3). Year 4 Girls Team:  Ellie, Abbie, Daisy, Lily(Y3), Kira.


Cornwall Finals

Our 3 qualifying athletes were now representing Mid Cornwall and up against the very best in the county. Ellie in Year 4 was first to run and finished in 13th place with the Mid Cornwall team in 2nd overall.  In the Year 6 race Jess came 34th and Chloe 39th with the Mid Cornwall team coming in 1st place.  3 excellent results.  And, to give it some real perspective, it wasn’t really out of 60.  With all the regional finals and district races before that, this was out of 1000 and more!





On a very cold and wet Thursday, 12 children from MCS went to the tennis tournament. Four year 4 children: Stan, Ethan, Abi and Grace, and eight year 6 children: Rodrigo, Chloe, Kieran, James, Ruby, Gracie, Zakk and Caitlin. They all played amazingly well and one of the year 6 teams was so successful that they are through to the next round. Well done!

Mrs Degenhardt

Sports News: 13 March 2017

Netball – Home against Carclaze 21.02.17


A team – George, Rodrigo, Jasmine, Jude (C), Lilyah, Lizzy and Gracie

A team started extremely well with goals from Lilyah and Jude. However, Carclaze managed to match this and score a couple more than us. Both of the teams were very closely matched and we went into the third quarter hoping that we could close our 4 – 2 gap. In third quarter, we had a few attempts to shoot but couldn’t quite get the ball in the net. However, Carclaze had a very strong shooter and managed to score a few more goals. George and Lizzy managed to score three more goals in the final quarter, but Sandy hill managed to match this and also scored three goals. This meant that again we couldn’t quite catch up with Carclaze’s A team. The final score was 5 – 13 to Carclaze. Player of the match goes to Lizzy for her best game of the season and playing all of her positions really well.


B team – Kyle (C), Jess, Tineasha, Libby, George, Holly and Aleeah

The B team started the game well with great communication and team work. Holly and Libby worked really well with each other to score a goal each. Carclaze managed to score one goal, meaning that we were in the lead as we went into the third quarter. However, Carclaze managed to score two goals in the third quarter putting them slightly in the lead. This meant we had a tense final quarter ahead of us. We had a few attempts at shooting, but unfortunately, we couldn’t quite get the ball in the net. The final quarter remained goalless. It was a very close match and Carclaze just managed to win with a score of 3 – 2. Player of the match goes to George.


Netball v. St Stephen 28th February


A team – George, Lizzy (C), Jude, Jasmine, Lilyah, Aleeah and Dexter

The A team took an instant lead with four goals from George and two from Lilyah. The A team were using fantastic teamwork and were working well to get the ball into our shooting third. Despite their efforts at shooting in the second quarter, we couldn’t quite get the ball into the net. In the third quarter, St Stephen managed to score a couple of goals. However, the A team fought back and Lizzy managed to score another goal. In the final quarter, both A teams were marking their opponents brilliantly meaning that, again, the quarter remainder goalless. The game ended as 7-2 to us. Player of the match goes to Aleeah for the fantastic effort she put in throughout the whole game, especially with her shooting.


B team – Libby (C), Jess B, Jess W, Rivers, Tilly and Amelia

We had to delay our match as much as possible in order to wait for the B team footballers to join netball. However, the B team football was running slightly behind so we had to start. St. Stephens didn’t quite have a full B team so some of their A team players had to play. The B team didn’t let this worry them and they got off to a good start with Jess scoring three goals. However, St. Stephen also managed to score a goal, so we went into the third quarter with a close score of 3 – 1.We had some great attempts from the Goal Shooters and Goal Attacks but unfortunately the third quarter remained goalless. In the final quarter, Rivers and Libby were working really well together and managed to score a goal each. The score ended as 5 – 1 to us. This was a well-deserved win for the B team, who all played extremely well, despite being two team members down! Player of the match goes to Rivers for his great defending throughout the whole game.


Football Socks

Mr. B. has almost sold out of medium socks, but has reordered (3 weeks approx. to arrive).   Mr. B. has several pairs of the small size which would suit the Infants and Yr 3!




Report on Biscovey Touch Rugby Tournament (9/3/17)


Our A team played rugby league rules for the first time in a competition at Biscovey Academy yesterday against eight other schools. In the league section we won four of our first five games beating Pondhu A (2 – 1), Treverbyn A (3 – 0), Biscovey A (1 – 0) and St. Mewan B (4 – 0). Despite losing our last game to Bishop Bronescombe (0 – 2) we qualified as group winners. In the semi final against St.Mewan the scores were level with five seconds to go when St.Mewan scored. It was a tough one to take but our players can hold their heads up high as they played some great rugby and defended brilliantly especially as they haven’t had much time to get used to the new rules. A really good effort all round with a special mention for Kieran Mcauley, who was player of the tournament for our team.


Team: George, Kieran, Lizzy, Libby, Millie, Finlay, William, Owain, Ross


Thank you to Mrs. Meens for helping with supervision and to those parents who turned up to support the team (the children and staff really appreciate it).