Swimming: Cornwall Games Swimming Qualifier

On Thursday 4th February our Year 5 and Year 6 swimming teams competed against six other St. Austell Area schools in the first round qualifier of the Cornwall Games. All of our teams swam well on the day and made it through to the next stage at Newquay on Friday 12th February. Our  Year 6 boys finished first and the Year 5 girls finished equal first, whilst the Year 5 boys and Year 6 girls both finished second.


Our teams recorded;

10 x 1st places

8 x 2nd places

1 x 3rd place

1 x 4th place


Our teams were a credit to the school and now we look forward to competing against the winners of the Newquay area schools from which two schools will go forward to the Cornwall Games finals in July.


Many thanks to Helen Welland and Mrs.Meens for their help on poolside, to Mel Nile for helping walk the team up to Polkyth and the parents who cheered on the team.


Next galas:

Friday 4th March v St.Mewan at Polkyth 3pm (all speed swimmers)

Friendly v Devoran away (date to be confirmed)


Mr. B – Teacher I/c swimming

Swimming: Mid Cornwall Qualifying Gala for Cornwall Games Final

On Friday 12th February (our Training Day!) the Year 5 and 6 A teams travelled to Newquay for the final Cornwall Games qualifying gala, having won through to this stage from the week before at Polkyth.


The parents/relatives of our swimmers were very supportive to give up their time and transport the team to Newquay and thanks also for the commitment of the children, who had to get up very early on the first day of their holiday!


All four of our teams swam well at Newquay against five other schools from across Mid Cornwall. Only two teams from each year group could qualify and the competition was keenly contested. When the twenty races were finished, the points were added up and three of our team made it through to the Cornwall Games Finals at Penzance on Friday 1st July; Year 5 Boys 1st, Year 6 Girls 2nd and Year 6 Boys 1st. Unfortunately, despite swimming well, our Year 5 Girls just missed out finishing 3rd on the day.


Many thanks to Helen Welland and Mrs.Meens for their help on poolside and to those parents/relatives who cheered the team on.


Teams:            Year 5            Caitlin, Leonne, Jess, Libby

Stanley, Adrian, Jude, George M

Year 6            Aimee, Shannon, Lydia, Sophie

Ollie, Joseph, Lewis, George B


Next gala: Friday 4th March v St.Mewan at Polkyth (3 -3:30 pm) – all Speed Swimmers

St.Austell Schools Gala Polkyth – Friday 17th June (tbc) – A team only

Cornwall Games Gala Penzance – Friday 1st July – Yr 5 Boys, Yr 6 Girls & Boys Teams

The St.Austell Primary Schools Gala has just been confirmed as Friday 17th June 1:30 – 3pm.


Mr. B – Teacher in charge of swimming

Netball: Away v Biscovey (23/2/16)

A team – George, Aimee, Harvey (C), Isaac, Lilly, Amelia and Jodie

Our A team got off to a fantastic start with goals from Harvey and Amelia. They all worked really well together and managed to defend extremely well. In the second quarter, George managed to score one goal. Unfortunately, Biscovey managed to score two goals. We managed to secure our lead with two more goals from Isaac. However, Biscovey managed to fight back by scoring three goals. In the final quarter, Harvey scored one goal and Biscovey also managed to score one more. It was a very close match and the score ended as 7-6 to us, it was a well deserved win! Player of the match goes to Aimee.


B team – Sophie (C), Courtney, Lydia, Dexter, Aleeah, Lizzy, Jodie and Aimee.


The B team were a player down and didn’t let this get to them! They started off well and were working extremely well as a team. However, despite all their efforts, the first three quarters remained goalless. In the final quarter Lydia scored one goal. Biscovey also managed to score one goal, meaning that we had a tense last few minutes. Unfortunately, the score ended as a draw. Player of the match goes to Courtney. Many thanks to Aimee and Jodie who stepped in at the last minute to help the team!

It’s Not Rocket Science

Well, actually, it will be in Mount Charles School!

160219 Tim Peake Seeds

Our Year 2 pupils have been accepted for a space experiment which will take place next term.

Tim Peake has taken some seeds up with him onto the International Space Station.  These “space seeds” will be sent into schools (along with some seeds which have not been in space) during the Summer Term.  Our pupils have been asked to grow these seeds and send all the information back to Tim Peake so he can work with other scientists to discover the effects of sending plants and seeds into space.

We look forward to receiving the seeds and letting you know how they grow back here on Earth!

Reception Writing

Olivia (in RGB) asked Mrs Behennah to give her a sentence and then on her own she wrote this amazing sentence.

160224 Olivia Writing

You will notice she used a capital letter, thought about her finger spaces and finished with a full stop.  She was even able to tell me that she chose the ‘ss’ spelling because of the short vowel sound.

Well done Olivia!

Sportshall Athletics – Year 3/4 and Year 5

Mr Rees took a group of 18 Year 3/4 and 18 year 5 children to take part in an indoor Sporthall athletics competetition. The children participated in two track and two field events; these events inlcuded: Sprints, relays, indoor javlins, speed bounce and long jumps. Most of the children were nervous at first but improved as the morning went on. We had some excellent perfomances throughout with Ella and Naomi winning the sprint relay and the boys coming second. All of the scores from every childs events were put together to give a final team score. The year 3/4 team performed tremondously well finishing in second place, with BB and Charlestown drawing for first place. The year 5 children participated in the same events during the afternoon session. They competed superbly, against children a year above them, finishing a credable 5th place. Mr Rees throughly enjoyed him time working with the children. Hopefully next year with a bit of training we can go one better and try to win both of the events.


Well done to all involved!

Friendly Swim Gala v Sandy Hill – Friday 29th January

Over fifty of our speed swimmers took part in the gala which produced nine season best times for our A team in the following relay events:-


Yr 5 boys front crawl , Yr 5 girls front crawl, Yr 6 boys front crawl, Yr 6 girls front crawl, pYr 4 boys medley, Yr 5 girls medley, Yr 6 boys medley, Yr 6 boys medley and the Cannon.


Well done to all of our swimmers and to the adults who helped on poolside; Helen Welland, Jackie Meens, Helen Gray, Colin Williams and Dan Meens.


Next gala: Friday 4th March at Polkyth v St.Mewan (3 – 3:30 pm)


Future event: Friday 17th June – St.Austell Schools Gala (1:30 – 3 pm) to be confirmed.


Mr. B. – Teacher i/c swimming


Well done to all involved!

Making a Pasta Salad

This week, Year 3 have been making healthy pasta salads.  Harry (3ML) wrote these instructions.

160204 Recipe - Harry

He thought well about how to set out the instructions and was able to demonstrate his knowledge about the food groups of the various ingredients.

Maybe you could try and follow these instructions and let Harry know what your pasta salad tasted like!

Year 2 Poetry

Based on the classic poem, ‘The Owl and The Pussycat’, Year 2 have been inventing and writing their own poems.  I hope you will enjoy reading these examples from 2GB:

160204 Poem - Ethan 160204 Poem - Leonnie 160204 Poem - Lily 160204 Poem - Millie 160204 Poem - Ryan

Well done to Ethan, Leonie, Lily, Millie and Ryan for such fantastic adaptations of the poem.  You worked really well to maintain the rhythm of the original poem and made some amusing changes.