Up, Up and Away

Year 2 have been retelling the story of Up, Up and Away.  In their writing, they have been trying really hard to include the description into their writing.

Please enjoy these stories from Sofia and Stuart:

160126 Up Up Away - Sofia

160126 Up Up Away - Stuart

(Sorry that Sofia’s is a little hard to read – her pencil was very light on the page and the scanner could not pick out all the letters – if you click on the picture to see it full-size it is a little easier to read)

Well done to both writers for their great stories.

Year 4 Magic Box Style Poetry

Year 4 have been learning and performing poems to Year 1.  They have also written their own poems in the style of Kit Wright’s ‘The Magic Box’.

Please enjoy reading a selection of the poems from 4LR, written by Amelia, Lily, Naomi and Treeve.

160121 Poem-Amelia 160121 Poem-Lily 160121 Poem-Naomi 160121 Poem-TreeveWell done to these four fantastic poets.

Happy New Year

We hope you had a very enjoyable time over the Christmas holidays and have come back refreshed and ready for a brand new year,  We have lots of exciting things being planned for the coming months which we will tell you about on this blog.

A reminder that as well as this page, we also have our Pupils Work blog in which we share great examples of work from across the school with you and we encourage comments to be made.

Thanks to this new blog, we had one of our busiest blog years ever last year with a record number of visitors.  You can see some of the highlights in this report.  We hope to make 2016 even more successful and hope you will continue to visit our blog pages.