Away v. Carclaze 17th November


A team – Isaac, Harvey, George, Aimee, Hollie, Amelia and Jodie

We got off to a good start with a goal from Isaac but then Carclaze scored two to take the lead. We put up a good fight in the second quarter, but unfortunately they steamed ahead with two more goals. In the third quarter, we came in to the lead with three goals from Amelia and one from Aimee. This meant that we were going in to final quarter with a 5 – 4 lead. In the final quarter, Carclaze managed to get one more goal in. Leaving the final score as a 5 all draw.  Player of the match goes to Jodie.


B Team – Ryan, Courtney, Chloe, Jude, Tineasha, Lilyah, Lilly and Kacey

This was a tricky game as the majority of the team had never played before. There was a lot to take on board as they remembered their positions and which way we were going as well as fighting the wind! We did a great job of moving the ball down the court but unfortunately we couldn’t get any goals. The final score was Mount Charles 0- Carclaze 3. Player of the match goes to Tineasha.


Home v. St Mewan 24th November


A team – Isaac, Harvey, George, Aimee, Lydia, Amelia (C) and Jodie

The A team took an instant lead with two goals from Harvey. The A team were playing really well as a team and we started the second quarter with goals from Amelia and Jodie. In the third quarter, St. Mewan fought back with a superb shooter who gained them three goals! George then managed to score us a goal to secure our lead before going in to the final quarter. The final quarter was an even match and both teams were defending really well, meaning that this quarter remained goalless. The game ended as Mount Charles 6 – St. Mewan 3. Player of the match goes to George.


B team – Lilly, Izzy, Ryan, Hollie (C), Kayleigh, Kyle, Kelly and Courtney

The B team played next, St. Mewan had a strong start by scoring one goal early on. However, Ryan soon scored two amazing goals that took us into the lead! We had some great attempts from the Goal Shooters and Goal Attacks but unfortunately the second and third quarters remained goalless. With a goal from Lilly and a goal from St. Mewan, the game ended as Mount Charles 3 – St. Mewan 2. A well deserved win for the B team who all played extremely well! Player of the match goes to Lilly.

Football v Carclaze

The Year 3/4 team have been getting better every week and this week was no exception with the scoreline not reflecting the excellent improvements they have made since the beginning of the season. Some fantastic defending from Katie and Stan along with some outstanding saves from Freddie meant we went in at half time 2-0 down. Mr Grigg and Mr Rees made some changes and the children who came on played excellently. James made some super runs with the ball, Bobbie some fantastic interceptions and Treeve and Connor to good passes. Unfortunately, we could not quite get the ball to Tyler and Dennis so that they could have a shot at goal. Two more goals from the excellent Carclaze midfielder gave them a 4-0 win, but we are very proud of the improvements of the team in the 4 games they have played this year. Next up is a rematch against Sandy Hill. Hopefully, we can try and score a goal.


Player of the Match – Stanley.


Mr Grigg and Mr Rees

Hockey Tournament

On the Thursday Mr Rees took 10 children to Poltair Secondary School to take part in a Hockey tournament. After taking part in a range of different warm-up activities, the children played their first game against Pondu. They started well, making some good tackles and passes but unfortunately conceded 3 quick goals. Mr Rees made some subtitutions with Denzil and Lydia coming on and Millie going up front.  It worked with MCS scoring through Denzil. Millie then hit the post and sent a shot just wide before finally scoring. At 3-2 we looked like getting a draw but could quite find the equiliser. Next up we played BB. Again we went behind with BB scoring early on. MCS equalised through Millie with some great play by Harvey to make the score 1-1. With only a minute remaining we managed to get the ball into the area and Millie scored her third goal of the tournament to give us a 2-1 victory. Our next game was against the favourites Charlestown. This time we went 1-0 up with a goal from Millie. Charlestown equalised soon after, before going 2-1 up. Some outstanding defending from Sarah and Connor stopped them scoring any more. In the final 10 seconds of the game Ruben equalised to give us a vital draw. In our final game we knew that a win gave us a chance of winning the tournament. Bugle school were our opponents. After going 1-0 down we started to get a little worried, but goals from Ruben, Millie and Jez as well as outstanding defending from Sarah and great stickwork from Harvey got us the win. Unfortunately, Pondu won their game, meaning we came runners up. But we have progressed into the next round against other schools from mid Cornwall on the 27-11-15, we will let you know how the team get on. Well done to all the children who played. They were a credit to the school.


Squad: Millie, Sarah, Kiera, Lydia, Jez, Connor, Denzil, Harvey, (+ two more that I will send over to you).


Player of the Tournament – Harvey and Millie.

Swimming Gala v Truro Prep

On Monday 16th November our Year 5 and 6 swimming team travelled to Truro School pool to swim against Truro Prep’s Year 5 and 6’s. The 25 races included both individual and team relays and after the 16 individual races the scores were even. The relays were also very exciting , however Truro Prep ended up narrowly winning 153 – 148 points. All of our swimmers did the school proud. Many thanks to Mrs. Meens and Mr. Walters for their help on poolside. A big thank you also to the parents who provided transport and cheered us on  – your continued support is much appreciated.


Team: Aimee, Lydia, Shannon, Eva, Ollie, Evan, Joseph, Lewis, Libby, Lizzy, Leonne, Jess, Stanley, George, Adrian, Jude.


Next gala: Thursday 26th November Yr 3 and 4 v Truro Prep at Truro Prep. 3:30 pm


Mr. B. – Teacher I/c swimming


More Dragons!

151127 Dragon-Image We told you in the last post about some of the great dragon work going on in Year 5.  Today, I wanted to share this work from Stanley.  As well as designing his own dragon he has been using the app Tellagami to put together this video all about his dragon.

Because there is a time limit on the video, all of Stanley’s great description could not be added, so here is his writing as well!

151127 Dragon-Writing

Please do leave a comment about this fantastic writing and use of the iPad app to bring his story to life!

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

…that time of the year that comes around all too quickly.

The letter has gone home for the Infant Nativity performances, the children are starting to rehearse their songs for this and for the carol service, the Christmas menu choices are coming in, the entertainer for Infants and the cinema for the Juniors are booked and plans are well underway for the Christmas Fair (although we are still desperate for more helpers for this please).

Next Friday, things will start to look a little festive with our pupils invited to join in with the NSPCC “Bobble Hat” day.  We have had a team of knitters busy since the start of the year, knitting bobble hat badges for the pupils to buy and support NSPCC.

Our school council did a fantastic job a few weeks ago organising a range of events to raise money for Children in Need.  They did such a good job that we are still adding up all the coppers and will let you know how much they raised in total as soon as we can.  Well done to all the pupils (and staff) who were inventive on the day and dressed as “something beginning with P” (and of course to Mr Walters and Mr Behennah, who braved the cold at lunchtime again this year and allowed pupils to throw wet sponges at them).

There have been plenty of other visits and trips going on across the school – many of which we are now trying to let you know about in our whole school newsletter, so please don’t forget to read this every other week when it comes home (or you can read a copy on the website here).

We hope you enjoy all the events of the final three weeks of this term.

Year 5 Dragons

151119 Dragon - JessBased on ‘How To Train Your Dragon’, 5LJ have been inventing their own dragons and then writing some fantastic descriptions of them.

The artwork here comes from Jess (above), Zakk, Veronica, Corben and George.

151119 Dragon - Y5

Eldon has worked really hard to produce this description of his dragon:

The spiky dragon’s teeth are solid, solid because it can crunch through a bone and a metal pole, but it can bite through a rock like lightning.


It makes a sand nest and tunnels up into the surface and drags victims back to its humungous and stinky nest.

Well done to everyone in 5LJ for their fantastic dragon inspired work.

Year 4 and 6 Swimming Certificates

On the last Friday before half term our year 4’s and 6’s managed to pass over 40 swimming tests in lesson time at Polkyth ranging from 5 metres up to 400 metres. Despite concerns in the media about school swimming declining in the country to alarming rates our swimming continues to flourish. According to some reports less than a third of primary children in year 6 nationally have passed a 25 metre test, however our current year 6 have an 85% pass rate to date. Swimming is an important life skill and our school provides regular swimming sessions and use the very best swim teachers to ensure this success.

Mr. B. – Teacher i/c swimming

Swimming Gala v Devoran

On Friday 6th November forty three of our Speed swimmers took part in a friendly gala against Devoran School at Polkyth. In 13 races we managed 9 first places, which is very encouraging against a school who have a reputation for turning out good swimming teams. Some of our Year 4’s and Year 3’s swam for the first time in a competitive gala and gained valuable experience for the future. Unfortunately I was unable to attend due to injury therefore I would like to thank Helen Welland, Mr.Walters, Mrs.Meens, Mrs.Gray, Colin Williams and Dan Meens for their help on the day.


Team: Kieran, George M, Treeve, William, Owain, Harry, Grace, Abi, Naomi, Milly, Tilly, Mea, Mahalla, Kelsey, Amalia, Holly, George B, Stanley, Jude, Adrian, Jake, Lizzy, Leonne, Eva, Jess, Angel, Amy, Gracie, Lilyah, Libby, Ollie, Joseph, Evan, Jez, Isaac, Harvey, Lewis, Tamzin, Aimee, Shannon, Lydia, Courtney, Sarah


Next galas:

  • Monday 16th November Year 5/6 v Truro Prep away 3:30 pm
  • Thursday 26th November Year 3/4 v Truro Prep away 3:30 pm