John Wesley

150617 John Wesley

Ayden (along with the rest of Year 5) has been learning about John Wesley, who founded the Methodist Church.  This painting shows John preaching his message to the people and is made to look like a church stained glass window.  I’m sure you will agree it really is a fantastic piece of artwork – well done Ayden!

New Life

150612 Frog 1

Year 5 have been fascinated over the last few weeks looking at the life cycle of the frog.  Starting with a tank of frogspawn outside their classroom, they have been looking at the changes every day.  On Friday, the fully grown frogs were released into the school’s pond.

At least the recent weather seems to have suited our amphibian friends – it has not been quite so kind to us land dwelling humans.  We reluctantly postponed our VE Day sponsored walk (which is now due to take place on Monday 22nd June) and our Key Stage 2 sports day was unable to take place on the first date, but thankfully there was a gap in the weather to allow it to take place later that week.

Key Stage 2 pupils enjoyed an afternoon of races and sporting events, earning house points for their team.  The winners were announced at the end of the afternoon.

Year 3: Yellow House
Year 4: Blue House
Year 5: Red House
Year 6: Green House

The points were added up across the year groups, and in a close event this year, Yellow were declared the overall winners by just 8 points.

The Silent Slug

Millie (in Year 1) has written this fantastic story based on ‘The Greedy Bee’.  She invented her new character and stunned her teacher with her fantastic writing!

150615 Mille Greedy Bee

Please leave Millie a comment below to let her know how much you enjoyed reading her story.

The Rainforest

A few weeks ago we enjoyed a piece of writing from Rosie to conjure up the atmosphere of a rainforest.  The class were challenged to produce their best work and the winner would be featured on this blog.  Our second winner, Joseph (Y5) wrote this :

The Rainforest by Joseph

Imagine a place where the heat makes you feel like you’re slowly dying.

Imagine a place where all you can see is green.

Imagine a place where vines hang like snakes, where all you can hear is the torrential downpour of rain.

I’ve been there.

The rainforest is a dense, dangerous place.

Some people would regret taking the step into the forest; others would leap in deeper, ready to discover more.

People like the views: each one like a picture from another world. The more people do step inside the beautiful, exotic rainforest, the more life-threatening situations there are.

The rainforest is lethal because snakes disguise themselves as distorted vines.

Hot, damp, exhausting – would you want to go there?

Please leave Joseph a comment if you enjoyed his writing – what was your favourite phrase?


The Day I Fell Down the Rabbit Hole

This week a group of our Y6 pupils spent the day at Penrice Academy.  They took part in a range of activities based around the story of Alice in Wonderland.

They designed their own Queen of Hearts playing cards, saw the long-stone (which legend has it is covering an enormous rabbit hole) and read through a script of the Queen’s croquet game.

Finally, they wrote a first hand account of how they would feel if they were Alice falling down the rabbit hole, thinking particularly about the 5 senses.  You can read these accounts by clicking on the links below: