Geevor Tin Mine

Recently, our Year 2 classes visited Geevor Tin Mine.  A group of pupils from 2AB (including Lainey, Harry, Amelia and Isabel) have worked together to look at non-fiction writing and produced a brochure all about the tin mine.

It was designed to open up and give information about the tin mine.  I’m afraid that the photographs I took don’t quite show it off to its best, but I hope you will enjoy looking at their work.  The children worked together as a group to decide what to write and how they were going to set their work out.

As always, if you would like a close look, click on the image and you should see it full size.

150522 Geevor-1

150522 Geevor-2

150522 Geevor-3

Have you been to Geevor Tin Mine?  Would you like to go now you have seen all about it?  Perhaps you’d like to leave a comment for the group about their brochure.

The Rainforest

Miss Nile’s Year 5 Literacy group were set the challenge last week to produce a poem which helped to conjure up the feel of a rainforest in the reader’s mind.  The winner of the competition would be allowed to showcase their work on this blog.

In fact, there were two winners.  Today we feature the first of them – Rosie.

I hope you enjoy her poem on the rainforest.

150520 Rainforest-1-Rosie

150520 Rainforest-2-Rosie

Well done Rosie – that really made me feel like I was in the rainforest.  Did you enjoy it?  If so, please leave Rosie a comment.  Maybe you could let her know what your favourite phrase was!

Spring in a Box

150519 Spring in a Box (Amelia 3H)

Amelia (in Year 3) wrote and presented this beautiful poem, based on another poem she had been introduced to in class.  She would love it if you left a comment to let her know how much you enjoyed reading her poem.  Do you have a favourite line?

Not one for Arachnophobics!

Ayden (in Year 5) came to see me this morning with a homework project he has been hard at work on.  Asked to present the life cycle of an animal, he chose to look at a tarantula.

As well as a superbly presented life cycle poster, he also brought in a couple of skins from tarantulas which his grandfather keeps.

Click the picture below to see it in more detail.

150515 Life Cycle


Kiean (Y5) came up with some great ideas about the rainforest and recorded them in this piece of writing.  Miss Hutchings was particularly impressed with the effort he put into writing this piece of work out.

150512 Imagine (by Kiean)

Terry – A Modern Twist on Macbeth

After learning the story of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Chelsea has worked on a modern interpretation of the bard’s famous tale.  You may need to click on the images to see them full-size to enjoy the story in its full glory.

Part One

150501 Terry-1

Part Two

150501 Terry-2

Part Three

150501 Terry-3

Please leave Chelsea a comment and let her know what you particularly enjoyed about her story.  Maybe it was her choice of language or maybe you liked something else about her tale of Terry.