Rosie’s Walk

Joshua's Rosie's WalkJoshua (in Reception) worked on this writing on his own and was really proud of his work.  He kept re-reading his writing, concentrated on his Fred talking and remembered to use finger spaces.

Well done to Joshua for trying so hard and writing his own fantastic version of Rosie’s Walk.

KS2 Easter Service

150324 Evie Easter PoemKey Stage 2 pupils visited Mount Charles Methodist Church to celebrate with their annual Easter service.  Year 4 told the Easter story while Year 3 told us about the French Easter customs (including the tradition that it is the bells who deliver the Easter eggs before returning to the churches on Easter Sunday).

150324 Chloe Easter Poem

Year 5 pupils reminded us about our British customs and traditions (with a delicious plate of hot cross buns!).

150324 Sam W Easter Poem

There were musical performances from the choir, who performed Bilbo’s Riddle (based on a poem from Lord of the Rings).

The guitars and ukuleles played EGG (a tune using those musical notes) and the KS2 pupils joined in with two songs they had been learning:

‘I went to the cabbages’


and ‘Eastery Mystery’

Year 6 had written a range of Easter poems which they performed. A selection of these have been put in this report for you to enjoy.

150324 Jasmine Easter PoemWell done to Evie, Chloe, Sam W, Jasmine and Emily for working so hard on the presentation of these poems and to everyone in KS2 for your part in today’s performance.

150324 Emily

Witnessing the Solar Eclipse

150323 EclipseOn Friday 20th March, pupils at Mount Charles joined hundreds of thousands of other people in witnessing the solar eclipse.  Watching live streaming of the event, viewing through special viewers or using pinhole cameras, pupils enjoyed sharing the experience of the eclipse.  Year 1 drew the pictures you can see above.

Special mention must be made of Ollie and Reuben from Year 5.  They took it upon themselves to research and build their own eclipse viewer (all in their own time).  Following the eclipse they wrote this report which I would like to share with you:

Solar Eclipse Report by Ollie and Reuben
It was our first eclipse and we want to tell you what happened.

At first we couldn’t work the machine, but we soon got the hang of it.  It looked amazing – all we could see was the moon closing in on the sun – we were really excited.

Black vs yellow – who will win?

Well I’ll tell you something – it was a heck of a sight!

When the sun was almost fully covered it got really cold – we were shivering.  When we were out there it got gradually darker.  It didn’t get too dark because it was only a partial eclipse.

What we found most amazing was that the sky changed blue when we were out there – it was all blue – no yellow or grey.

Thank you to Ollie and Reuben for sharing their experience.  Perhaps you would like to leave a comment below and share your story from Friday’s eclipse.

Easter Prayer

150323 Easter PoemIn preparation for our KS2 Easter service this week, Zoe in 6W has written and decorated this prayer to identify some of the features we associate with Easter and to remember the religious significance of this time of year.

Well done to Zoe on trying really with her presentation in this piece of work.

A New Look

We would like to share much more of the great work that our children are producing with you.  The way we used to do this on the website could be a bit time-consuming.  So, instead we will be trying to share work on this page more regularly through shorter posts.

If you like the piece of work, please do leave a comment for the pupil(s) – they always love getting positive feedback and knowing their work has had an audience.

(All the old work has not disappeared – you can still access previous Pupils’ Work here).

Year 4 Learn about Boudica


As part of their Romans project, Year 4 have been learning about the story of Boudica.

Using a description from Cassius Dio pupils had to draw a picture of what they imagined Boudicca would look like.

These images were scanned and then added into a PowerPoint presentation to make an animated scene.

You can see Kyla’s fantastic image of Boudica here.

Ready, Steady, Cook!

Preparing the Beef Patties

Chartwells, our catering company, visited the school on Wednesday 4th March to hold a cookery competition.  Two members of staff (Mr Behennah and Mrs Degenhardt) were paired with a couple of pupils each and went head to head in a cookery completion, with only 20 minutes to prepare, cook and plate up a meal.

Preparing the Sweet and Sour Quorn

After learning about the importance of healthy eating and the food groups, the timer started and the two teams were challenged to make their meals as the KS2 pupils watched on and cheered on the teams.

Sweet and Sour Quorn

The green team made quorn in a sweet and sour sauce with ribbons of courgette, carrots, leeks and pineapple stir-fry served with fragrant herb and pea steamed rice.

Ginger and Garlic Beef Patties

The red team made soya, ginger and garlic flavoured steamed beef mince patties with peppers, onion and broccoli stir-fry noodles with hoi sin sauce.

The time soon went and the meals were presented on the decorated plates.  Three teachers tasted the food and the audience had to vote for either the red or green food.

Congratulations to Mr Behennah, David and Cameron who beat Mrs Degenhardt, Kavan and Jasmine.

I was lucky enough to taste both the dishes and it was a very hard decision to choose a favourite – I would happily have a plate of each!

Computer Music

Compose-WorldYear 3 used the computer program ‘Compose World‘ to build a piece of music – coming up with the melody from defined blocks of music, changing the instruments and adding rhythms.  After listening to the music and making any changes the music was converted to an MP3 format for you to enjoy.

to listen to some of the music written by our Year 3 composers.