Maths Day 2015

Reception Shape Printing

The whole school thoroughly enjoyed taking part in mathematical activities throughout the day on Wednesday as Mount Charles held its own Maths Day.

Children in Reception explored shapes by making pictures, took part in a maths investigation, ordered objects and carried out lots of counting activities.

Year 1 pupils were busy outside for the day (despite the rather wet, cold and windy conditions) taking part in a maths trail, experimented with capacity, collected and counted money from their shop, took part in a series of time challenges, sorted dinosaurs and even measured out how big a diplodocus was (a massive 27m from nose to tail!)

Y1 Measure a Dinosaur

Year 2 played a series of mathematical games, made some amazing felt pictures made out of shapes and took part in an investigation.

Year 3 were looking at symmetrical patterns using various fruits and played a series of mathematical board games.

Year 4 focused on shape, analysing and constructing 3D shapes with apparatus, building nets and making shapes with clay.  They also learnt about Roman numerals.

Y2 Shape Pictures

Year 5 also investigated Roman numerals, playing matching games and constructing a frieze.  They made a series of tessellation patterns as well as playing mathematical games and challenges throughout the day.  Ronnie was the winner of the 5N darts challenge and everyone had great fun playing smite (a skittles based maths game).

Y5 Tesselations

Finally, at the end of the school, Year 6 took part in an orienteering challenge, made some amazing string art pictures (filography), constructed circular patterns and tessellation patterns.

Y6 Line Art

Children across the school had a fantastic day and learnt that maths is everywhere.  They are counting on having another Maths day in the future.

What did you most enjoy doing on Maths day?  Why not leave a comment on this blog and let our readers know.

Looking Back. Looking Forward.

Success Stickers

Last term finished, as it always does at Christmas time, in a flurry of activity.  The Infants performed their nativity to three appreciative audiences and did a fantastic job of telling the Christmas story complete with song, dance and wonderful narration.

The Juniors’ carol service took a slightly different form this year with the telling of the story of Tatty Anna.  Each year group performed a different song and the cast of Year 4 actors told the story of the Russian doll who ended up impressing the King.  As well as the story, some traditional carols were sung, the choir performed two superb numbers and the staff choir even performed in the evening!

During the last week of term, the Infants had an entertainer come to perform a magnificent magic show, the Juniors went to the cinema to watch ‘The Lego Movie’ (where everything was awesome), there was the Christmas lunch (with a visit from Santa) and a KS2 Christmas sing-a-long.

Now, after the Christmas holidays, it is time to return and start looking forward to the start of a new term and a new year.  There are lots of exciting things planned for this coming year which we hope to tell you about on this blog.

Perhaps you would like to let us know what you are particularly looking forward to, and let us know about any New Year’s Resolutions you may have made.

Happy New Year!