Children in Need 2013

Cake Sake Selection

Mount Charles were proud to once again celebrate Children in Need.

Pupils came to school dressed in their pyjamas, dressing gowns and onesies and took part in activities throughout the day to raise lots of money for the charity.

Children in Need Wristbands

During the week, pupils had been making Pudsey eye patches and buying wristbands.

Cake Sale

Families brought in hundreds of delicious cakes which were sold during the day.

Pudsey Copper Challenge

A copper coin challenge took place with classes competing against each other to fill as many Pudsey faces as they could with copper coins.

Pudsey Game

A group of girls set up their own game which other pupils enjoyed playing during the day.

Mr B and Mr W get a soaking

And at lunchtime, the traditional sponge throwing took place with Mr Behennah and Mr Walters braving the cold and raising lots of money in the process.

So much was raised that it took Mrs Eade in the office two weeks to count all the money and it took three of us to get the money down to the bank to pay it in.

I am delighted to tell you that an amazing £887.66 was raised on the day.  Well done and thank you to everyone who was so generous.

A Busy Start to the Half Term

One week into the new half term and what a busy week we had last week, with much more to come for the rest of this term.

On the first day back, Year 1 pupils spent the day learning about space and finished the day by launching their rockets high up in the sky – some of the rockets are still trapped in the nearby trees!

Last Tuesday, Year 4 went to Truro to spend the day at the museum and the cathedral – they had a very informative visit and enjoyed themselves on the busy day.

Then on Wednesday across the school, staff and children had the challenge of “No Pens Day Wednesday” – could we get through the day without using pens or pencils?  This encouraged classes to record their ideas through photographs, videos and plays.  Year 3 spent their day in the woods, finding out about the seasonal changes taking place.

Then on Thursday night pupils from across the school thoroughly enjoyed their disco.  For the first time in many years we held an Infants’ disco and it was good to see the children (and some of the staff!) enjoy dancing to the music.  Afterwards it was the Junior’s turn to enjoy their own disco.

So, as you can see, a busy first week as we start to think about preparations for the festivities at the end of this term.  Apologies, again, for the recent lack of posts on this blog!