World Education Games: The Results


 After a week of fast and frantic question answering in the World Education Games, an impressive 19,071 questions were answered correctly by pupils from across KS2.  Well done to everyone who took part in this year’s competition.

Today in assembly, certificates were awarded to pupils who answered the most questions correctly during the competition.

World Literacy Day

1st Rachel (5LF)
2nd Millie (5LF)
3rd Thomas (6CD)
4th Aimee (3JH)
5th Anthony (6CD)

World Numeracy Day

1st Rachel (5LF)
2nd Alice (6RW)
3rd Benjamin (6CD)
4th Anthony (6CD)
5th Aiden (6RW)

World Science Day

1st Alice (6RW)
2nd Sophie (4SG)
3rd Vicky (5RN)

World Book Day 2013

The Minpins

Last week we thoroughly enjoyed our celebrations of World Book Day.  I asked Year 5 to write a report on the day.  Here are some of their entries:

Now World Book Day has finished all you people that didn’t go don’t have to be sad anymore, right? Wrong! Because im  going to tell you about the Where’s Wally competion.  All the teachers and teaching assistants dressed up like Wally – but only one was the real Wally who was carrying all the equipment.  It was Mrs Matthews!

The Real Wally

On World Book Day, in the morning  you could go into the big hall and read with your parents or family. Although if your family could not make it you did not have to  worry because you were able to go in and read a story book with your friends. World Book Day was also really fun because you could go to school in your PJ’s or a character from your favourite bed time story.  I think the day all together was the best school day ever …. And soon to be more.
[by Evie & Letitia]

Sharing Books
The extreme reading competition winners were read out in assembly. It was EXTREME! Who won it? Jack in Year 5 and Jowan in Year 4 and Eva in Year 2.  Everyone’s pictures were great though and lots of people entered!

On the day everyone (well, almost everyone) dressed up as their favorite character or in their pyjamas or onesies ready for a bedtime story! EVERYONE  enjoyed it! Everyone!
[Tyler & Angus]

Reading Together

Thank you to Year 5 for giving us a taste of the day.  It was great seeing so many people come to the hall to read (and enjoy the coffee and refreshments) and see the fantastic artwork that was on display.  And we even got a mention on Radio 2 by Zoe Ball!

Why not leave us a comment and let us know what you came to school dressed as, or let us know what your favourite book is!


Let The Games Commence!

World Education Games

As the clock chimed 10 o’clock, the World Education Games 2013 began.  Today with the Literacy event – a challenge of spelling against pupils from across the world.

In the warm up events of the Education Games, pupils from Mount Charles have answered 9,919 questions correctly.

KS2 pupils – please use your log in details this week and try to take part in as many events as you can.  There will be certificates given for the pupils who score the highest number of points over the week.