Get Ready for World Book Day

On Thursday 7th March we will be celebrating World Book Day.  Pupils are being asked to come to school on that day dressed as a character from one of their favourite books, or if they prefer, they can dress in their pyjamas ready for a bedtime story!

In the morning (between 9am and 11am) there will be a coffee morning and an opportunity for parents to share some books with their children – the hall will be furnished with sofas, cushions and a variety of books.  Coffee and cake will be on sale during the morning.

As an extra challenge we are holding our EXTREME READING competition.  Take a photo of you reading in a weird and wonderful place and bring it to school by Monday 4th March.  The entries will be judged and prizes given for the top three entries from across the school.  Where will you read for your picture?!

It is set to be a busy week as that week the juniors will also be competing in the World Education Games.  All KS2 pupils have been given a username and password to log onto the website and will compete in Maths, Literacy and Science quizzes with other children from across the world.

From Gas Masks to Death Masks: History Day 2013

Gas Masks

Today pupils across the school travelled back in history with a wide range of events going on throughout the day.

The day started with Mr Willetts launching the “Guess the Adult” competition.  Photographs from the history of the adults in the school were displayed and pupils had to try to identify who was who from their baby and childhood photographs.

Mr Simmons then created a timeline – out of toilet rolls.  With each sheet worth 10 years, he travelled back through time showing how long ago various events took place, going back to the Romans in the first roll of toilet roll.  To go back to the extinction of the dinosaurs, he would have needed enough toilet rolls to cover the whole of the hall floor three layers tall!

WW2 Art

It was then time to get back to the classes and begin the activities.  Year 5 and 6 pupils travelled back to World War Two.  They carried out research, tried some cooking with the rations, worked on a big art collage and cracked codes at Bletchley Park.

Code Breaking at Bletchley Park

Pupils came dressed as evacuees and throughout the day had to carry their gas mask, the gas mask box and their identity card.  They had to be on standby to dive under the table when the air raid siren went off.

Air Raid Warning

Pupils in the Infants discovered the history of some of the things they now take for granted.  They were able to explore some early telephones and cameras and had a go at making their own camera and telephones.

Pupils also had the chance to see the history of transport with an old fashioned car and motorbike coming to the school for them to investigate.  They also had fun playing some of the games of the past, such as making flick books.

Children in the EYFS found out what schools were like in the past, played some games that children would have played years ago and even had a go at washing by hand – as they would have done before electricity!

wash day in EYFS

Children in Year 3 and 4 spent the day in a number of workshops.  Some found out about the history of music, starting with a quiz, then investigating a range of instruments from history before having a go at making their own instruments.  In another classroom we travelled back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians with the children bringing their favourite bears to be blessed and mummified.

Mummifying the Bears

Other pupils travelled back to the time of The Romans, exploring the food that would have been eaten and making some mosaic pictures.  Whilst other pupils turned into archaeologists and took part in The Big Dig.  With trowels and brushes, the children had to carefully excavate their site and piece together the clues to discover the secrets held within the earth.

The Big Dig

It was a day that will go down in history as being a fantastic day of learning in the school.  Please leave a comment below and tell us what bit you enjoyed the most.



War and Peace

On the same day as our History Day (see the next blog entry), the final of the Rotary Young Photographer competition took place at our school in the afternoon.

Having spent the day experiencing World War Two, Sophie (5N), Alice (6W), Millie and Rachel (5F) were joined by Jessica (2B) for the judging of this year’s competion with the theme ‘Peace’.

Mount Charles was the only local school to take part in the competition this year, so we were pleased to welcome the Rotary organiser, David Bridges, to our school to judge the entries.


David went through each of the entries and told the children what he particularly liked about each of the photographs, which ranged from sleeping cats to candles to peaceful walks along country lanes and onto the beach.


It was a very hard decision for the judge, but in the end a winner was chosen.  Well done to Alice whose photographs will now go through to the regional finals, making her the second pupil from Mount Charles to have achieved this in the Rotary competition.

I thought you would like to see her Peace photographs.




I will let you know how Alice gets on at the Regional finals and we wish her every success to hopefully progress through to the National finals of the competition.