Happy New Year!

A somewhat delayed greeting, but at least I managed to get it in before the end of January (just!).

It is amazing to think that we are now almost four weeks into this term, with only another two to go before it will be half term.  While the rest of the country enjoyed the snow we kept looking expectantly towards the skies, but were just greeted with the torrential rain this time around, which has meant a number of sporting fixtures have had to be postponed.

It has been another busy half term with some fantastic writing being produced by the pupils – several of the children are in the process of typing this up so it can be shared on the website.  Key Stage 2 are busily reading their way around Europe on this term’s reading challenge.

Despite the cold weather, a number of trips have taken part.  Year 1 visited Truro Museum and Cathedral where they took part in a number of exciting activities.  Year 6 visited Carnglaze Caverns where they performed their Macbeth shadow puppet shows (having written these themselves and making the puppets).  Year 3 and Year 5 are preparing for a trip to the woods and a river walk next week.

Before the end of this half term the school is gearing itself up for History Day.  The teachers met last night and came up with lots of exciting plans for the day.  You will find out more nearer the time about what the different year groups will be working on during the day.  And by the end you will never look at a toilet roll the same way again…!