Olympics Week

Opening Ceremony

With the start of the London 2012 Olympics being over the summer holidays we couldn’t wait and wanted to have our own celebrations.  It was a week where we focused on the Olympic Values:


The week started off on Monday afternoon with an opening ceremony – representatives from across the school carried the Olympic torch and everyone else followed around the playgrounds, waving the flags they had made.  It was a real sea of colour, music and excitement.  Mr Willetts declared the Olympic Week open!

It was unfortunate that the weather was not quite as nice as we would have liked, but this did not stop many of the events from taking place.  There were tennis tournaments, relay races, basketball challenges, football matches, a swimming contest, long jump events and much more.

In addition there was a homework challenge to put together a design based on the Olympic Rings (like a Google Doodle).

Olympic Logos

On Monday morning we had the closing ceremony where medals were awarded for events during the week and a special medal for pupils who lived up to the Olympics values during the week.

The Medalists

Year 3 Swimming (Boys)

Gold: Alec
Silver: Kian
Bronze: Josh P

Year 3 Swimming (Girls)

Gold: Keziah
Silver: Acacia
Bronze: Bethany

Year 4 Sporting Challenge

Gold: Letitia
Silver: Sophie
Bronze: Adam

Year 5 Tennis (Boys)

Gold: Zak
Silver: Tom
Bronze: Sam F

Year 5 Tennis (Girls)

Gold: Katy
Silver: Paige
Bronze: Aliyah

Year 5 Swimming (Boys)

Gold: Erik
Silver: Michael
Bronze: Corbyn

Year 5 Swimming (Girls)

Gold: Maisie
Silver: Alice
Bronze: Mia C

Year 6 Tennis (Boys)

Gold: Jack
Silver: William
Bronze: Soloman

Year 6 Tennis (Girls)

Gold: Eve
Silver: Briony
Bronze: Aliyah

Design a Logo Competition (Infants)

Gold: Oscar (Rec)
Silver: Rivers (Y1)
Bronze: Millie (Rec)

Design a Logo Competition (Juniors)

Gold: Angus (Y4)
Silver: Sammie (Y6)
Bronze: Joe (Y5)

Class Medals for Olympic Values

RGB: Jasmin (Gold), Pirran (Silver), Mawgan (Bronze)
RCR: Charlie (Gold), Finley (Silver), Angelina (Bronze)

1EM: Lizzy (Gold), Kieran (Silver), Jasmine (Bronze)
1GB: Ruby (Gold), Kayleigh (Silver), Harvey (Bronze)

2AB: Harry (Gold), Evan (Silver), Hollie (Bronze)
2NC: Hayden (Gold), Lewis (Silver), Sarah (Bronze)

3ML: Jowan (Gold), Elen (Silver), Travis (Bronze)
3JH: Georgia (Gold), Sam W (Silver), Callum (Bronze)

4KFS: Angus (Gold), Lowenna (Silver), Shola (Bronze)
4MT: Rachel (Gold), Mollie (Silver), Amara (Bronze)

5RN: Liam (Gold), Tia (Silver), Connor (Bronze)
5LF: Anthony (Gold), Lily (Silver), Maisie (Bronze)

6W: Leah (Gold), Peter (Silver), William (Bronze)
6D: Oliver (Gold), Amber (Silver), Isla (Bronze)

Congratulations to all our medalists!