Outdoor Education Day

Duck Challenge2

We had a fantastic day yesterday with our Outdoor Education Day.  There were some terrible weather forecasts in the morning, but the rain didn’t come until the afternoon, and even then it didn’t dampen our spirits.

There were outdoor activities going on throughout the school during the day which was great to see.  A number of orienteering courses were set up around the school grounds which children used.


We had a visitor who came to work with pupils from the Infants to make a fire, which they used to cook marshmallows and popcorn.


A team came from Eden to work with our pupils on a challenge to construct a duck run to get a duck to travel across the playground.  This was done by making a structure to rest drainpipes on and setting up a channel.  To send the ducks on their way water had to be carried on a dilly cart.  Great fun!

Duck Challenge

More water challenges were set up by Year 5 and 6 to get water from one container to another, but there was a problem – the buckets all had holes in them!  A slightly less wet version of this, but fun nonetheless, was played in the Infants getting tennis balls from one end of the patio to the other using tubes.


Mr Leathes spent the day sorting out the pond and there was plenty of art going on during the day too with big art projects


Chalk designs


and weaving taking place


Over the coming weeks you will be able to see a lot of this artwork being displayed around the school.

Although not on the Outdoor Day itself, Year 6 worked earlier in the week with an artist called Reg Payn to design a sculpture.  He will return in a few weeks to help them finish this off, but it is looking marvellous already.


So, a fabulous day was had by all and we still have many many more activities planned before the end of term!