Junior Sports Day

Well, we were certainly very lucky with the weather this year for our junior sports day.  Unlike the last couple of years there was no doubt in the morning whether the event was going to take place or not.  The sun came out and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.

This year also saw a change, with all the juniors having their sports day together with the sprint events at the start of the afternoon, followed by a series of fun events (such as golf, bean bag throwing, hurdles and rugby relays) before ending with the sprint relay.

Throughout the afternoon the scores were collected and entered onto the spreadsheet (it was actually so sunny that I had to do this under the table so I could see the screen!) and then the final results were announced.

This year the scores were remarkably close.  Just before the final event there was a tie for first place and there was only one point between 3rd and 4th.

Year 3
1st: Yellow (41 points)
2nd: Blue (38 points)

Year 4
1st: Yellow (48 points)
2nd: Blue and Green (43 points)

Year 5
1st: Red (67 points)
2nd: Blue (50 points)

Year 6
1st: Green (75 points)
2nd: Blue (57 points)

Overall Results
1st: Green (194 points)
2nd: Blue (188 points)
3rd: Red (177 points)
4th: Yellow (171 points)

So well done to all the pupils in Green house (and in fact, across the whole of the juniors) – it was really good to see how enthusiastically pupils took part in the events.

Maybe you would like to leave a comment and tell us what event you most enjoyed taking part in.