Science Day

My work this week has been done by Kira in 4H who has written this recount for us:

Y4 Colour Chaos

Tuesday was a different day for us, because it was Science Day.  Silently, we went to the hall, where Mr Leathes sorted us into our groups.  We did physical, biological and chemical changes throughout the day.

First, I went to Mr. Tooke’s – we learned about physical change with paper airplanes.  I was in a group with Mrs Leggat, Sam (Year 4) and Finn (who was in Year 3).  Our group had a big plane but it didn’t go as far as we thought.  Carefully, everyone put their planes under the screen in the hall.

Secondly, we went to Mrs. Hunkin’s class where we learned about physical and chemical change.  We already knew that chocolate was irreversible, but Ruby said confidently to her that “you can reverse it if you mould it.”

After lunchtime, I tiptoed to Mr. Leathes’ classroom.  Me and Ruby sat next to each other (where we played a game) – we looked at how to use our memory (a biological change).

Finally, I approached Miss Falcon-Steward’s room where there were 5 places to move around.  I did two activities with Mrs. Gould.  The oil on the milk was immiscible!  Next, we used plastic colour paddles and torches to make secondary colours.  When I put red and orange together it made yellow.

Thank you to Kira for the report.  Around the school even more Science was taking place.  Reception children were looking at shadows, sound walks and making (and eating) pasta.  Year 1 looked at static electricity with balloons and changed milk into butter.

Y1 Making Butter

Year 2 were making paper parachutes, coloured potions, experimenting with cornflour and then making bugs that floated on water.

Y2 Potions

Y2 Floating Bugs

Year 5 had a whole sequence of activities including designing the longest drinking straw, mixing colours, making potions, looking at changes in cooking and burning different materials.

Y5 Burning

Year 6 got very messy walking on cornflour, taking part in smelly tests and experimenting with magnets and all sorts.

Y6 Non-Newtonian Fluids

It was a great day in Mount Charles School on Science day.  Why don’t you leave a comment below and tell us what you thought the best thing you did on the day was.