Vikings Invade Year 5

Viking Battle 1

I have been joined this morning by Joe and Cari from Year 5 to tell you all about their visit yesterday from the Vikings! 

We sat down at the beginning and they gave us lots of information about Viking life.  Did you know if you pulled someone’s hat forwards you would get a penalty.  If you pulled their hat backwards you would be banished.  If you pulled their hat off backwards with a strap you would be executed for attempted murder.

Viking & Raven

We got to touch and hold a selection of Viking items such as axes (which we could swing – some of them were very heavy!), swords, spears and big shields that you could hide behind.  We also tried to blow the Viking horn.  Did you know that carrots in Viking times were multi-coloured.

We also had the chance to put on the armour and then try to charge up and down the field wearing the chain mail and the helmet while holding the shield.


This Raven, Moonin, has some very famous parents – they have been in the Harry Potter films.  He will be on TV himself soon on the One Show!  Lords would use ravens like this for navigation (like an old sat nav!) to find new lands – Greenland was found by a raven. 

Viking Battle 2

We saw some fantastic battles during the day – including the ‘Circle of Honour’.  This is where four battle in a series of different tournaments.  Lord Ethelwolf won and everyone cheered.

It was an AWESOME day!  We learnt a lot – it was like a lesson…but fun!


Saints Awards

Saints Award Logo

This morning we had a visit from Will Burt, the organiser for the St Austell Saints Award.  You can read more about the scheme here.

Our School Councillors will be asking classes across the school to discuss their nominations and complete a series of nomination forms over the coming weeks.

It would be great if some of the pupils and staff from Mount Charles were shortlisted to attend the grand prize-giving ceremony, which will take place at the Eden Project.

So, get thinking about who who would like to nominate for one of the Saints Awards.  If you would like to complete a nomination form, you can download a copy here.  You can bring this back to school and Will Burt will come and collect them.

A Fresh Start

I have to start with an apology – our last update was way back in March – I will try much harder this year to update this page regularly and let you know about what we are getting up to.

But first, a few highlights from last term:

Year 6 had a wonderful time at their camp in Delaware – the weather was very kind and they had a great time canoeing, rock climbing, mountain biking and squeezing through small gaps on Dartmoor!  The instructors were very complimentary about the way in which the pupils followed the instructions and the positive attitude they all had towards the activities.

We eventually managed to avoid the showers to fit in our sponsored walks – there was a good turn out of pupils and parents to walk around the field, raising and amazing £1,700.

After the disappointment of missing our Summer Fair, we more than made up for it in the last week of term with a fantastic talent show in the afternoon, with a selection of stalls and raffles in the playground after school – raising over £850. 

Year 6 ended the term with their performance of Bugsy Malone – I am still trying to get the custard pie stains off of the sound equipment in the hall! 

On the last day we bid an emotional farewell to Mr Dickinson and wish him every success in the future.

Tuesday of this week saw us start all over again and welcome Mr Willetts as the new Headteacher of Mount Charles School.  We have many exciting events planned for this year – please come back soon and see what we are up to – for example, next week Year 4 are going to Truro Museum as part of their Egyptian topic and Year 5 are going to Heligan.