Maths Day 2011

Reception Repeated Patterns

After the success of last year’s maths day, we were keen to hold another one this year which proved to be even bigger and better!  The Reception children had a full programme of events including designing repeated patterns, getting juice from various fruits, carrying out a bear hunt, fitting teddies onto a train and playing mathematical games and keeping the score.

Reception Teddy Bear Hunt

The Year 1 and 2 classes mixed up for the day and took part in a wide range of activities with each of the teachers including an orienteering course, mathematical challenges with chocolate buttons, timed challenges, maths games and baking biscuits.  The year groups were split into groups named after famous mathematicians from history.

KS1 Baking

Each junior year group planned an activity around a theme and worked with each of the classes during the day.  Year 3 were investigating time and set the challenge to make sand timers, marble runs and water clocks that would measure exactly 30 seconds.  Quite a challenge, which several groups during the day actually managed!

Y3 Water Clock

Year 4 were playing a series of dice games, darts and computer programs during the day.  I don’t think anyone quite managed to score 180, but most people got a better score than me when I tried!

Y4 Games

Year 5 explored shape and patterns with Escher inspired designs being completed by the pupils.  After the design the shapes had to be carefully cut out.

Y5 Patterns

Then they were stuck onto a sheet in a repeated pattern and decorated.  There were some interesting designs produced during the day.

Y5 Patterns

Year 6 managed to keep all the pupils fit and their minds agile as they completed two orienteering courses, finding and answering mathematical clues along the way.

Year 6 Orienteering

Mount Charles Does Comic Relief

Mount Charles celebrated Red Nose Day in style this year with a whole range of events organised by the School Council.

As well as being allowed to come to school dressed in official Comic Relief clothes, noses and deely boppers, pupils were also encouraged to wear the loudest tie.  During the day there was a challenge to see who was able to tie their tie in the fastest possible time.

Pupils and staff brought in cakes which were sold at breaktime along with a table top sale of toys, books and games – again with all proceeds going to the charity.

During the week children made a contribution to design their own nose during the lunchtime “chill” club and Mr Behennah and Mr Walters worked alongside the school council members in their welly boot throw.

There was certainly a great deal of activity during the day – well done to the School’s Council for their organisation of the events.  We are just in the final stages of adding up all the donations and will let you know how much you helped to raise in the next few days.

Did you have a good day?  What was the best event that you took part in?

Mathletes – Lap of Honour

You may remember that we had a great turnout for the Mathletics Four Nations Challenge from KS2 pupils last year. 

Last week saw the runinng of World Maths Day.  Unfortunately it fell on a particularly busy week for the school, but as a reward for being so enthusiastic in the 4 Nations Challenge, the top 10 scorers were given a chance to participate in this 48 hour challenge.  Between them they answered an amazing 10,322 questions correctly!

Special mention must go to the Top 4 – all these pupils took part in the maximum number of games allowed (100).

  • 1st  Flo  1923 points (94% accuracy)
  • 2nd Rachel 1750 points (93% accuracy)
  • 3rd Cerys 1746 points (94% accuracy)
  • 4th Connor 1288 points (92% accuracy)

Well done to all of these players, and the other members of the school who took part.  I hope that as a school even more pupils will be able to take part in the next 4 Nations challenge later this year.