Congratulations to the Mathletes!

The week before last I was thrilled with the amazing response to the 4 Nations Maths Challenge from our KS2 pupils.  Towards the end of the week I had to turn pupils away from the ICT suite as every computer and every laptop available was being used.  Pupils really enjoyed playing Live Mathletics against other children from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales (and sometimes even finding themselves up against children from our school!)

Over the week 169 pupils took part in the competition, scoring an incredible 163,819 points between them.  I had an email from the organisers this week to say that out of the 1,686 schools that took part, we came 335th – up in the top 1/5th of all schools – great work!

An amazing 48 pupils scored over 1000 points to earn a bronze certificate.  7 pupils scored over 5,000 and earned a silver certificate – these were presented in the whole school assembly today to George (6D), Caleb (6D), Niamh (3L), Cerys (6W), Florence (6W), Kate (6D) and Rachel (6W).

Adding up the scores for the classes across the Juniors, the top 4 classes were:

1st     6W     47,726 points

2nd    5F     27,369 points

3rd     6D     27,281 points

4th     3L     24,558 points

Well done again to everyone who took place!

World Maths Day takes place in March – I hope that as many pupils can take part in this 24 hour event – maybe with a Mount Charles Super Team of Mathletes!

Thursday 25th November: School Open

This morning we had a number of staff who were not able to get into work until later on due to hazardous driving conditions between their homes and the school.  However, the school was able to open with safe pupil:staff ratios.

With severe weather forecasts for the next couple of days, please keep checking back here for updates. If a decision is made in the morning to close the school a post will be made here.

Spot The Difference

Children In Need Homepage

If you visited the school website on Thursday or Friday you would have seen that we went spotty for Children in Need. 

Pupils were asked to come into school wearing spotty clothes and make a donation towards Children in Need.  In order to make even more money Mr Behennah and Mr Walters put themselves forward to have wet sponges thrown at them in aid of the charity.

Teachers In Need...

Tell us what you came in dressed as and if you were lucky enough to throw a sponge!

4 Nations Maths Challenge: The Week So Far

On Monday morning at 9:00am the 4 Nations Maths Challenge began for our KS2 pupils. Everytime a pupil logs on and answers a question correctly they are scoring points for themselves, their class, Mount Charles and England.

I have been very pleased to see the ICT suite filled up over lunchtime on Monday and Tuesday with pupils doing everything they can to increase their scores.

As I write this entry on Wednesday morning the total number of correct answers across the 4 Nations is approaching 15 million!

In our school we have answered 61,783 questions correctly so far (with 6W in 1st place, 3L in 2nd place and 6D in 3rd place at the moment) – let’s see if we can get up to 100,000 by the end of the week!

On Friday afternoon I will count up all the correct answers from Mount Charles and let you know next week how well we did. Remember there is still time to take part in the challenge – use the login information you had in the letter at the start of half term and go to the school website and click the link on the front page.

Have you played the game? Who have you played against? Did you win?!