Harvest Festival

Picture 013

Today the Juniors went to Mount Charles Methodist Church to celebrate their Harvest Festival.

Harvest Collection

Pupils were asked to bring in a selection of vegetables or fruit grown by family or friends.  From each class 2 pupils were selected, who talked about their produce in the service.

Tomatoes & Apples

There was a wonderful selection of produce provided for the service, and the children told us some facts about the vegetables such as where it was grown, who it was grown by and in some cases even gave us a recipe for how to cook the vegetables.

Picture 019

The Year 3 children conducted the service, announcing the year groups and the hymns, which all the Juniors joined in with.

Picture 023

This evening the PSA are going to auction off the vegetables and give the money raised to charity.  They will be selling soup during the event as well as giving out recipes.

Veg & Jars

As well as vegetables, some pupils brought in jams and pickles which have been made by relatives and friends.

Roman Cauliflower

It was a great service and certainly made my mouth water at the wonderful selection of produce provided.  Well done to all the pupils who brought in their produce!

Cornish Produce

The Big Draw

Big Art

Last night it was great to see so many pupils, parents, grandparents and ex-pupils in the school hall celebrating our Big Draw event.

There were a wide range of activities for people to join in with including paper craft

Paper Art

Ink Blowing

Ink Blowing

Masking tape patterns

Masking Tape Art

Sketching objects

Sea Shells

Extending a pattern

Extending the Pattern

Drawing with Pastels

Pastel Art

Drawing while listening to music, drawing a mermaid, Andy Warhol style art, drawing in the style of Van Gogh and much much more.  Mr Dickinson brought his bike into the hall for people to sketch

Sketching Bike

Sketching Mr Dickinson's Bike

And for 10 minutes a live model appeared to the sketched along with the bike

Model Headteacher

In the centre of the hall there was a plinth (based on “The Fourth Plinth”) with a random assortment of characters to be sketched, such as horse riders, gnomes, old ladies and these:

A Pair of Mummies

Mummy Sketch

Darth Model

It was great to see the children enjoying themselves as well as so many of the adults getting involved.  One mum really got into extending the pattern

Getting Absorbed

and look at this wonderful sketch of Mrs Soloman as a gangster

Sketching Gangster Soloman

Thank you very much to everyone who was able to attend, to the teachers who dressed up and to Miss Nile and Mrs Body who did a wonderful job organising the whole event.

Did you come along?  What activity did you enjoy the most?

A Quick Update

I can barely believe that we are just one week away from it being half term already.  Things have been very busy for us this term so far with plenty of trips taking place, such as Year 5’s visit to Heligan Gardens and the Reception classes’ visits to the woods.  Our Year 6 pupils enjoyed a day out at Poltair and a morning at Penrice to have a taste of what the secondary schools will offer – they came back very excited about the activities on offer.

The sports teams have made a good start to the year, although sadly a number of fixtures have had to be postponed due to factors beyond our control – we hope that the weather stays as nice as it has been to let us play these later in the term.

In school, the pupils have been getting fully involved in their work, with lots of new Literacy topics and plenty of other learning going on. 

Today the Infants enjoyed their Harvest Service in school and the Juniors are getting ready for their service next week, along with the PSA Harvest Auction and Year 4’s going to the Tri-Golf Festival.

Come back soon for a report on The Big Draw, which takes place on Tuesday 19 October between 3:00pm and 4:00pm in the Main Hall – come along with your family – it’s free and promises to be a lot of fun!

A Little Bit of Blue Sky

The pupils from 4H have been busy adapting a story they have been learning as part of their Literacy lessons.

The story is entitled ‘A Little Bit of Blue Sky’ and the first part of the challenge was to change the setting and characters to come up with a new opening for the story.

Below are three great examples of the openings.  Please have a listen to them.






Can you work out what each of the settings for the stories are?