Mount Charles Maths Day

Maths Day Challenge

I wrote last week about how so many Juniors took part in World Maths Day.  Well, yesterday everyone in the school had a fantastic day involved in a staggering quantity of maths games and activities.

As well as ‘against the clock’ challenges, pupils enjoyed playing a wide range of board and card games – some they knew, others were brand new to them.

Maths Day Snakes & Ladders

There was a Maths Trails around the school with pupils being challenged to count how many cylinders there were in the Y3/4 corridor and estimate the length of the bottom step by the office.  A mathematical orienteering course had been set up for Y5 & 6 pupils while others in the school explored tessalations, took part in a maths quiz and made paper aeroplanes and butterflies!

Maths Day Tessalations

Pupils played on Maths games on the internet, there was plenty of cooking going on and Mrs Budd even fitted in a session with Y2 children where they performed a mathematical musical melody.

Maths Day Music

During the day, pupils competed in their year groups in a series of games, such as Connect 4, Nim and an estimation game.  In special assemblies the finals were played and the winners won some tasty prizes!

Maths Day Games

Then at the end of the afternoon, parents were invited into the school to play some games with their children – it was great to see so many parents come and play board games, card games, darts and even compete against Y5 children in a very competitive game of Countdown – it ended in a draw!

Maths Day Bowling

What did you most enjoy during the day?

Celebrating St Piran’s Day

Alice's Prize Winning Pasty

In order to celebrate St Piran’s Day, the canteen organised a competition to design a Cornish pasty.  On Friday morning, the winning entry was announced – Alice from 5B had designed a pasty based on the Cornish coat of arms. 

Not only did she get a certificate, but the canteen also made up a pasty based on her design.  It was enormous!  It was so big, in fact, that she couldn’t eat it all and took half of it home to share with her family.

The lunch hall was filled with children enjoying their pasties and Cornish splits.  What a perfect way to celebrate St Piran’s Day!

Mount Charles Mathletes

World Maths Day Logo

Mount Charles took part in World Maths Day this year for the first time.  All KS2 pupils were given login details to a website where they could challenge children from all over the world with a series of mathematical problems.  They did this at home, and at lunchtime when the ICT suite was open for play.

Over 100 pupils took part in the challenge, answering  26,658 questions correctly between them.  Special mention must go to 4NG, 6RW and 5RN where a high number of children from each class joined the fun.

The top 3 scorers from the Juniors were:

1st     Jess T (6D)            3923 points

2nd  Cari J (3L)              1344 points

3rd   Corbyn T (3L)     1335 points

Well done to these, and to everyone who joined in with this event.  I hope that we will be able to take part again next year, when we can beat this year’s total!

If you played, perhaps you’d like to leave a comment below to tell us if you enjoyed the challenge.  Which countries did the children you played against come from?

World Book Day 2010

World Book Day Logo

On Thursday 4th March, the pupils of Mount Charles School had a very different look to usual.  Gone were the school uniforms and in their place, pupils and many of the staff came dressed as book characters, or in their pyjamas ready for a bedtime story or two!

At the end of the day it was great to see so many parents come in to read with their children.  As I walked around the school (in my dressing gown, pyjamas and slippers) it was fantastic to see the classes filled with so many adults and children sharing and enjoying  so many books!

Perhaps you would like to leave a comment below to tell us what you dressed up in to come to school and if you enjoyed the last part of the day.