Be an FA Cup Final Mascot


If you are aged 7-11, then you can take part in a competition to win some amazing football prizes for you and the school.  These include

  • A mascot place at The FA Cup Final
  • The FA Cup Trophy to visit the school
  • A football goalkeeping legen to visit the school
  • £500 Umbro kit vouchers for the school

In order to be in for a chance of winning these prizes, you must fill in an energy diary for a week and submit an energy saving tactic online.

You must be registed by a parent or guardian and then submit your diary and tactic at  Please note, when you first visit the site it may say ‘Module Not Found’ – ask your parent/guardian to follow the link at the top of the screen to register.

Good luck, and please let me know if you have entered the competition by leaving a comment below.

What a Week!

I can hardly believe now, looking out of my office window at a green field with the very ocassional mound of compacted snow, that it was a week ago today that the snow started to fall and cause chaos all around.  Even last night, Mr Dickinson and I went out to look at the playground and it was covered in snow.  This morning it had all gone and it is looking increasingly likely that today’s forecasted snow will appear as sleet or rain.  Although the children will doubtless be upset about this, I think that most adults are now glad to have seen the back of the white stuff for the time being.

This blog has never seen so much activity, with over 7,500 page views over the last week.  I hope that you found the updates helpful.  As we explained, our school website with the information banner can only be updated from within school, but I can access this page anywhere in the world to send updates and as a result it became an extremely useful tool to send updates to as many parents as we could.

Hopefully we won’t need to make use of the blog again this winter for weather updates, but I am planning on putting more information about some of the things we are doing in school here on a more regular basis, so please keep checking back.  In the meantime, if you have some snow stories of your own, why not leave a comment below.  I would love to hear from you!

Thank you

Mr Simmons

Monday 11th January 2010: Open at 10:00am

The weather conditions appear to be easing  – we are planning to open the school this morning at 10:00am.

Staff are asked to make their way to school earlier than this,  in order to build an accurate picture to ensure adequate supervision for the children.

Please be aware that Morven Road and untreated roads are still VERY icy.  We strongly advise parents NOT to drive down the road, but if you do come by car, park away from the site and be extremely careful as you travel to the school – it is all too easy to slip over and we certainly do not want any accidents.

The school playgrounds are also expected to be extremely icy and pupils should refrain from using these in the morning when they arrive.  We will endeavour to clear a safe path from the gate to the school as soon as possible.

Please be extremely careful on your journey and we look forward to seeing you later.

Thank you

Mr Simmons

Friday 8th January 2010: School Closed

Mount Charles will be CLOSED on Friday.

We have just become aware that other St Austell schools have made the same decision as having to make a third short notice closure decision tomorrow morning is not appropriate for families, nor for staff. 

As you will know, we did try to open the school on Thursday, but the additional snow and the hazardous condition of Morven Road led to the decision to close.  5 members of teaching staff, who were on their way to the school, were unable to make it all the way – as even though the main routes are usually clear, the side roads in many cases are extremely icy and dangerous. 

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused over the previous two mornings.  On both occasions a decision had been made by 7:00 and communicated to Radio Cornwall, but the updates did not come out to you as they should have. 

Even though the snow looks very attractive as it lays on the ground, it does not make travel or these decisions easy at all. 

Mr Dickinson hopes that you will agree that the dangers of asking parents, children, and staff to travel tomorrow, when the forecast is worse than today’s, are too great, the risk too high.

Please keep checking back here to keep abreast of the latest news towards the end of the weekend.

Mr Simmons

Snow Updates: Tuesday 5th January 2010

The school is due to remain open until the end of the day on Tuesday.

Tomorrow morning (Wednesday) a decision will be made based on the weather conditions overnight.  We advise you to:

1. Listen to Radio Cornwall to hear if the school is affected.

2. Check here.  A message will be placed on this blog if a decision is made to close the school.

3. Check the school website.  If the school is open, a message will be placed on the information banner of the school website.