Animated Book Trailers

Our Year 6 pupils took part in a national competition (AnimateIT 09) to design an animated trailer for one of their favourite books.  They used a variety of methods to produce the artwork, which they then animated using Microsoft MovieMaker.  I am sure you will agree that these are really impressive.

Here is a video with a compilation of some of the entries.

Red Nose Fun

Mr B & Mr W under attack!

Well done to Mr B and Mr W for allowing pupils (and staff) to throw wet sponges at them this lunchtime – all in aid of Comic Relief.

Thanks to everyone who took part – you helped to raise over £60 for the Comic Relief charity!

Perhaps you would like to tell us what you have done to raise money for charity in the past.

Read-tastic Book Extravaganza Comes To Town!

Models from World Book Week

At Mount Charles School, a couple of weeks ago, pupils celebrated World Book Day with a whole week of fun.

Pupils made models with their families – you can see more of these in the Pupils’ Work section of the website and on Thursday we came to school in our pyjamas (or as a book character) and had a drink of hot chocolate.

During the week other book related activities took place.  Please let us know what you did during World Book Week!