The Big Draw

Drawing Aliens

For the second year, Mount Charles celebrated ‘The Big Draw’, organised by Miss Nile and Mrs Body.  Children and their parents were invited into the school hall at the end of the day to have fun drawing a selection of pictures.

The Drawing Wall

In the middle of the hall was Mr Dickinson’s motorbike for people to try sketching.  Around the edge were a series of drawing stations with various activities.

Big Pencils

Children tried to draw with chalk stuck onto the end of long sticks (a lot harder than it sounds), decorated a mermaid, listened to music and drew what came into their mind, tried to describe shapes to others, drew portraits of each other, designed an alien and many many more activities.


Did you come to the event?  What did you draw?  Which activity did you enjoy the most?  When you are at home, what sorts of things do you enjoy drawing?  Please let us know!

Alien Creature