Year 3 Trip Goes Back in Time

Anderson Shelter

Year 3 went on a visit this week to Flambards Theme Park in Helston.  Part of the trip was a visit to the exhibition ‘Britain in the Blitz’, which tied in with their project work on World War 2.  It was interesting for the children to see many of the items they have been learning about in class.

Other parts of the visit included the ‘Hands On Experience’ (practical Science activities), a walk though a Victorian Village and a closer look at some aeroplanes (which the children enjoyed pretending to fly) and of course, getting wet on the ‘Shiver My Timbers’ assault course.

Again, it was a really good day out and the children enjoyed themselves and learnt many things throughout the day (and enjoyed their ice creams in the afternoon!)

Hopefully some of the children will leave a comment and tell you what they particularly enjoyed on the day.

Year 6 Camp

Canoeing at Delaware

Recently, our Year 6 pupils had a great time away on their camp at Delaware.  They left on Wednesday morning full of excitement (and with a coach full of cakes).

During their time away they carried out many exciting activities such as mountain biking, canoeing, rock climbing, a moorland walk and taking part in plenty of team games.

It was a wonderful opportunity for all of those there to work with each other away from the classroom and get to try things they had never done before.  Hopefully some of the Year 6 pupils will leave a comment below to tell us what they most enjoyed during their time away.