Eden Better Than School!

Tropical Biome, Eden Project

Last week, Year 5 visited the nearby Eden Project as part of their topic on Tropical Rainforests.  While there they thought about the different equipment they would need to survive in this environment.

The year group had a great day and came back to school with plenty of ideas for their Literacy activities on writing an explanation text.  Keep an eye out in the Pupils’ Work section of the website for some examples of this, and other Eden Project inspired work.

When the class came back, Elrik started off his writing with:

I found out that trees and plants are our friends.

Over the next few months many more trips are being planned for pupils across the school (Year 6 are off to camp this week).  What school trips do you particularly remember going on?  Maybe you could ask your family what they remember from their school days too.

A Fresh Start

Tulips at Eden

Since setting up this blog I have not been as good at keeping it updated as I should have been.  With the “new look” page I hope to be much better at keeping up to date this term!

So, as we look forward to the new topics and exciting things ahead of us in this summer term, what was your best memory from Spring Term?

Maybe you went out on a good school trip, enjoyed the World Book Day or really enjoyed the topic your class were working on.

Let us know!