Living in Cornwall


Recently we celebrated St Piran’s Day.  As  part of our work, the children in the Junior classes thought about what they like about living in Cornwall and what their hopes for the county are over the coming years.

Please leave a message below to tell us what you like about living in Cornwall – is it the food, the scenery or something else?

Help Us Be Healthy


Mount Charles School is a Healthy School.  In the Infants we are part of a scheme to have fresh fruit and vegetables provided daily for each pupil.   We have recently been looking at making Junior tuck more healthy.

Now we need your help!

Parents and children – do you have any good ideas on:

* How to encourage our pupils to go for the healthy option

* What can go into a healthy lunchbox

* Helping busy people make healthy meals

* Anything else!

Our PSA are hoping to compile these ideas and other suggestions given to the school into a guidebook (which will also be available on our website).  We look forward to hearing from you soon with your suggestions.