Children in Need – Talent Show


Last week, Mr Leathes’ classroom was full of children at lunchtime doing their bit for Children in Need.

The event, organised by a number of Year 6 pupils, was a great success and helped add towards the grand total of £338 which Mount Charles raised for the charity through non-uniform fines, raffle tickets and entrance to the talent show.

Well done to all concerned.  There were winners in categories of gymnastics, dance and comedy. 

If you took part in the talent show, what did you do?  If not, why not tell us about any special talents you have got!

The Superheroes Have Saved The Planet!

The Superheroes of Mount Charles 

Ten members of Year 5 have  worked hard to produce some fantastic work – they invented a superhero, painted a life size painting of themselves, generated words to describe themselves and then wrote a 5 part story to tell how they overcame their arch enemy who wanted to destroy the rainforests.

Above you can see Iceman, Super Fire Man, Evolver, Mighty Mega Matt, Metal Machine, Bubblegum Babe, Secret Sister, Camogirl, Elastagirl and Frogman along with their arch-enemy Icy T.

We will have some of the stories available on the website in the Pupils’ Work section soon on how they did it.

If you could be a superhero, what would your special power be?  Let us know…