One Day in History

Tuesday 17 October was a special day as part of the History Matters campaign.  They asked people from across the country to submit a blog entry of what they did in the day.  These will be stored in the British Museum and in the future, historians will look at these to find out what life was like in 2006.

 You can submit your own entry by clicking here.

One thing they would like to know is how history impacted on you that day – did you have a history lesson, walk past a historical landmark, discuss your family history, listen to music from the past or watch a repeat of a TV programme?

So, what did you do on Tuesday which had something to do with history?

How Green Are You?


This term each of the classes are exploring an issue relating to the environment. 

As a school we are aiming to reduce the amount of electricity, gas and water that is consumed.  We hope the pupils will go home and spread these messages.  In particular, we are looking at the 4 Rs:

Reduce  Repair  Recycle  Reuse

How good are you at following these 4 Rs?  Do you have any hints that would help other people to help save the environment?  Have you made a special effort recently?  Please tell us all about it!

National Book Week

School Library

This week we are taking part in Walk to School Week and it is also National Book Week.

To tie these two events together, children were invited to walk to school this morning with a book.  They could come into school early and have a biscuit and some juice and share the books they brought along.

It was nice to see a number of enthusiastic readers arrive with their parents and their favourite books.

Dr Seuss books were very popular this morning as was The Merry Maid of Zennor.

If you didn’t come in this morning there will be another chance to come in and share your book on Friday Morning with more juice and biscuits available!

Please leave a comment below to tell us what your favourite book is and why.

2 New TV Stars are born

cbeebies.jpgTrinity and Fraser from 2FS are set to become TV stars.

Over the summer holidays, they were specially selected to present a programme as part of BBC’s Autumnwatch series.

They spent nearly all day filming in the Lost Gardens of Heligan with Cat from CBeebies.

You will be able to see their screen debut on Monday 9th October:

CBeebies channel – 07:30, 12:00 & 16:30 or on BBC2 at 09:00am.

We look forward to seeing them on our TV screens.

Have you ever been on TV?  We’d love to hear your story…