Year 4 Egyptian Project

Year 4 pupils have been enjoying their Egyptian project.  You can enjoy two of their videos here.

Year 4 pupils have been busy this half term with their new Egyptian project.  Here are two videos to show their work – This first one shows some examples of the Egyptian death masks that the pupils made using Modroc.

The second video is made up of Egyptian animations produced in ICT lessons based on repeated patterns.

A Little Bit of Blue Sky

The pupils from 4H have been busy adapting a story they have been learning as part of their Literacy lessons.

The story is entitled ‘A Little Bit of Blue Sky’ and the first part of the challenge was to change the setting and characters to come up with a new opening for the story.

Below are three great examples of the openings.  Please have a listen to them.






Can you work out what each of the settings for the stories are?

Animated Book Trailers

Our Year 6 pupils took part in a national competition (AnimateIT 09) to design an animated trailer for one of their favourite books.  They used a variety of methods to produce the artwork, which they then animated using Microsoft MovieMaker.  I am sure you will agree that these are really impressive.

Here is a video with a compilation of some of the entries.