Winter Weather Wondering

Those of you who enjoyed our Key Stage 2 Carol Concert this week may remember the children singing ‘Winter Weather Wondering’ (as composed by our very own Mr Douglas!)

The song has been recorded by all the choirs and singers who form part of Cornwall Music Hubs County Choirs.

The song can be puchased online for 99p from iTunes and Amazon and many other online music retailers.

All proceeds from downloads will be donated to Childrens Hospice South West Little Harbour.


Calling all ex-pupils!

160505 mcsmemories

We are hoping to put together a display based around as many of our ex-pupils as we can track down and find out how their lives have changed in the years since they came to Mount Charles School (both our existing school and the ‘old school’).

We envisage this display including ex-pupils who have moved to different parts of the country (or the world) and those who still live in the local area. We are interested in:

  • the wide variety of jobs held by ex-pupils
  • the hobbies and interests that people have (many of which may have begun during their time in the school).
  • stories and memories from your time at the school
  • hearing from a range of generations of Mount Charles School families.

Our aim is that this “Aspirations Project” will develop into a display in the school to inspire our current pupils and let them know about the many opportunities available to them when they leave school.

How do I take part?

If you are an ex-pupil we would love to hear your story. Let us know where you are now and how your life developed after you left Mount Charles:

  • Where did your studies take you?
  • What career do you now have?
  • Do you have hobbies and interests that started because of your time in Mount Charles?
  • Do you have particularly fond memories/stories of your time at Mount Charles School?

If so, we would love to hear from you – you can either leave a comment on this post, drop information into the school office or send us an email to the address we have set up for this project:

It would be wonderful if you were able to provide us with photographs we can use – maybe you have a picture taken when you were at the school and a photograph of you now!

If you aren’t an ex-pupil, maybe you know someone who was – it could be a member of your family or a friend. If so, we would be extremely grateful if you could pass a link of this page onto them.

Thank you for your support of this project.  We look forward to updating you on our progress over the coming months.

Space Seeds: An Update

160420 Space SeedsWe told you before Easter that we had been accepted on the space seed experiment.

This week the seeds arrived and will be planted by Year 2 pupils.  They got two packets of rocket seeds – one in a green pack and one in a red pack.  One of these packs has been up in space in the Internation Space Station with Tim Peake.

Our Year 2 children have to plant one seed in a specially labelled tray and then make careful measurements on how the seeds grow and send this information back to the ISS team.

We hope this will not be the only learning that is “out of this world” as we move into an excitingly busy summer term.  There are many trips, visits, camps and sleepovers already planned and more events being added into the calendar all the time.

What are you looking forward to this term – please leave a comment and let us know!

It’s Not Rocket Science

Well, actually, it will be in Mount Charles School!

160219 Tim Peake Seeds

Our Year 2 pupils have been accepted for a space experiment which will take place next term.

Tim Peake has taken some seeds up with him onto the International Space Station.  These “space seeds” will be sent into schools (along with some seeds which have not been in space) during the Summer Term.  Our pupils have been asked to grow these seeds and send all the information back to Tim Peake so he can work with other scientists to discover the effects of sending plants and seeds into space.

We look forward to receiving the seeds and letting you know how they grow back here on Earth!

Happy New Year

We hope you had a very enjoyable time over the Christmas holidays and have come back refreshed and ready for a brand new year,  We have lots of exciting things being planned for the coming months which we will tell you about on this blog.

A reminder that as well as this page, we also have our Pupils Work blog in which we share great examples of work from across the school with you and we encourage comments to be made.

Thanks to this new blog, we had one of our busiest blog years ever last year with a record number of visitors.  You can see some of the highlights in this report.  We hope to make 2016 even more successful and hope you will continue to visit our blog pages.

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

…that time of the year that comes around all too quickly.

The letter has gone home for the Infant Nativity performances, the children are starting to rehearse their songs for this and for the carol service, the Christmas menu choices are coming in, the entertainer for Infants and the cinema for the Juniors are booked and plans are well underway for the Christmas Fair (although we are still desperate for more helpers for this please).

Next Friday, things will start to look a little festive with our pupils invited to join in with the NSPCC “Bobble Hat” day.  We have had a team of knitters busy since the start of the year, knitting bobble hat badges for the pupils to buy and support NSPCC.

Our school council did a fantastic job a few weeks ago organising a range of events to raise money for Children in Need.  They did such a good job that we are still adding up all the coppers and will let you know how much they raised in total as soon as we can.  Well done to all the pupils (and staff) who were inventive on the day and dressed as “something beginning with P” (and of course to Mr Walters and Mr Behennah, who braved the cold at lunchtime again this year and allowed pupils to throw wet sponges at them).

There have been plenty of other visits and trips going on across the school – many of which we are now trying to let you know about in our whole school newsletter, so please don’t forget to read this every other week when it comes home (or you can read a copy on the website here).

We hope you enjoy all the events of the final three weeks of this term.

KS2 Harvest Assembly

Yesterday our KS2 pupils walked over to Mount Charles Methodist Church to celebrate this year’s Harvest Festival.

Organised and introduced by Year 4, the service included stories, poems, choral performances and songs.

Year 3 retold the parable of ‘The Sower and the Seed’ making great use of props that they had made.  Year 4 performed a wonderful choral poem of ‘This is the seed…’ which you can hear here:

They did a great job keeping in time and it worked very effectively, building up to a crescendo.

Year 5 looked at the word ‘HARVEST’ and explored all the words contained within this (like SHARE and STARVE) to remind us of the importance of this time of year.

Year 6 closed the service with poems and prayers giving thanks to God for the food on our plates.

The service was peppered with musical performances.  The choir performed two food themed songs, including ‘What did you have for dinner today?’

We joined together as a whole Key Stage to perform two other songs.  One of which, ‘Nature’s Bounty’ you can listen to here:

The whole school have been collecting food donations which will be sent to St Austell Foodbank this week.  Thank you to all the pupils and their families for their generosity to support this cause.

Royalty, Vikings, Food and Mazes

Just 5 weeks into this term, there have already been a number of trips and visits made by classes from across the school.

151009 School CouncilOur School Council were lucky to be invited to Mount Edgcumbe Hospice to greet Prince Edward on his visit.

Our pupils waved Union and St Piran flags and spoke to the Prince about what lessons they were missing at school before he started his tour of the hospice.


Year 6 pupils have been busy this term – as well as spending a day at Poltair and another day at Penrice, they also walked to Charlestown to collect words for their literacy (although they could not get on the beach as filming for Poldark was about to get underway).  In connection with their writing project, this week they also visited Glendurgan Gardens and braved the maze.


151009 VikingsYear 5 visited Heligan Gardens in connection with their current story and this week they hosted a visit from a Viking group.  During the day they got a flavour of what life was like for the Vikings as well as trying out some of the weapons a Viking would have used.


The Infants had a great time with their recent Food Day in which they took part in activities including bread making, making vegetable aliens, soup making and fruit tasting.

And we have welcomed our new Reception Class pupils who are settling in well to the school.

The next few weeks promise to be just as fun-packed with more trips booked and events to take place.